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Day 2. Comfort zone challenge / Social anxiety exposure.

Posted 12th September 2017 at 19:38 by Boy

Main challenge: Smiling to strangers.

No Near-death experience with this challenge, as it's not that hard, as the first one. Not filming this challenge, as it just wouldn't show much.

It was hard to make an eye contact with people, simply because people passing by just mind their own business and don't look much at me...
However, when they do, it's not easy to smile... I need to force a smile and that probably might look creepy, so I'm not sure how good my smile was; actually genuine smile always was coming to me, when I've passed a stranger with a fake smile.

Got a few smiles back, but not sure, maybe people were smiling, thinking about their own stuff. I even liked those, who didn't smile back, it was a pleasant feeling for some reason, just because people looked at me, especially beautiful girls. That boosted my confidence immediately and I felt good.

Extra challenge. Maybe not much of a challenge, but it's something I needed for myself. I need a photo for student's ID and it should be a bit different than passport photo. I went into some shopping centre,found a white background and decided to ask a person to take a photo of me. However, I was standing there for about 15 minutes, choosing a person to ask. Had many excuses, like: This is a group of people, this person is too old, these girls are too beautiful...
Eventually asked some girl and a photo was done.

Extra challenge. Eating in a new cafe.
Found a cafe I've never been to before. This time experience was different than yesterday's. The ladies were really nice, were smiling and made me feel welcome. I ate inside and went home.

To sum up: I felt very good and confident walking all the way home...
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