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Should you post at all online when depressed?

Posted 22nd July 2018 at 19:56 by indigo777

........or does society at large discourage it forcing us to remain silent? Donít keep it all bottled up insideÖ..but dont let it out and depress anyone else either! What? More hypocrisy on mental health?

Is it alright to blog or post online when you are depressed? Well if itís a blog about depression then its going to be hard not to! I say this because I just read something from a well known social anxiety blogger person in their book who says when they went to an online social anxiety forum and read about someone who was very depressed it made them feel much worse. There have been many people here also who have complained. Thank God she doesnít read this blog, she would need to ring the Samaritans!!! I wish I could but they told me I was too depressing for them last time and pray to Jesus instead.

I can understand her attitude but isnít this still a tad selfish. As she says there can be people on forums competing for who has had it worse in a wallowing in pity type of way but where else have some people got but online? Many people with social anxiety do have depression, bad depression. (who me?) There seems to be two distinct types of people with social anxiety though. The depressed and miserable ones who whine a lot (yes me again!)and the GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE AND DO THE HARD WORK REQUIRED! ones who have about as much sympathy for others as Donald Trump would at an immigration conference. Itís the ďI had to do all this to get better so how dare you moan when you are not prepared to do the HARD WORK like me!Ē approach to shyness. They have never had depression and think all shy people are just cowardly pussies who need to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! Then there are the people who do a bit of therapy for two weeks and now think they are the worlds leading expert. There are several on this forum.

There is also this whole thing about menís health and suicide awareness and that men(and women too!) should not keep it all in and bottled up AND THEN when you talk about it even on a forum for anxiety YOU GET SLAGGED OFF FOR BEING TOO NEGATIVE! Is it OK to go and join the UK depression forum and talk about being depressed or would I depress someone on there too much? Do they assume everyone who is depressed has a good friend who they can talk to? Many dont.

Its like being advised repeatedly if you have years of madness like me to go to therapy and ignoring that for private its anything from £50-150 per session and the reputation of NHS therapists from people who used them online is dire. But even then the they expect you to do the HARD WORK of daily exposures to fears and humiliation with great enthusiasm when I am one step away most days from attacking someone who even looks at me funny with a hammer (more likely a rolled up copy of a newspaper. No, not the Daily Mail!!!)

I think curing social anxiety by conventional methods of CBT is almost impossible if you have serious depression as you are miserable and have absolutely no motivation whatsoever. I also believe the therapists to be lying about everything.Do meds give you this motivation because I can assure you that exercise alone doesn't. Yet how do they cure depression first if all your problems are caused from a lifetime of social anxiety and you are totally alone all day? Perhaps its not possible. Shit, now I am more depressed again. Truth Hurty.
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