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Things Only People Who Suffered From Extreme Shyness Will Understand

Posted 15th September 2016 at 14:04 by indigo777

Yes, just for a change its one of those FUN quiz type things off of the internet.

1) Family gatherings with anyone other than your immediate family were an absolute nightmare.
Yes I hid upstairs when relatives came round but as my parents were both nuts too that was only about once a year.

2) You did absolutely EVERYTHING you could to avoid making or answering a phone call.
Again yes although i did get much better at work before the C**ts made me redundant....
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Today was a good day !!!

Posted 8th September 2016 at 20:46 by mutedsoul

At the moment I feel good. Today I took a day off work for an interview that seems to match me much more.

I spent the day travelling to Central London on bus as I don't have much money, haven't been paid yet.

Idk if I got accepted for the job, have a feeling I didn't as one person at the company seemed interested in what I had to say as it was a group of us that interviewed. But the interviewer didn't. Also as I am quitting a new apprenticeship and I feel they may find...
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My first week of my new job

Posted 4th September 2016 at 01:42 by mutedsoul

This week I started a new job as a Warehouse Associate Apprentice. I can already say that I don't like the job.

But at the same time I feel that some of my reasoning to not liking the job are reasons I wouldn't like most other minimum wage jobs. They are reasons I have not liked some previous jobs so it feels that it would be a bit silly of me to not look at what makes me dislike the job and why I dislike it.

I don't really like the environment.

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I need help!!!

Posted 24th July 2016 at 19:25 by mutedsoul

At the time of writing this I feel a bit better than before but I know that the feeling is going to come back soon, it always does.

I constantly feel like no one likes me, everyone misunderstands me and angry about it. I feel like I am going crazy. At worse I have briefly thought about attacking people with a weapon, I wouldn't though as I am too conscious. I even think of throwing something in my bedroom, punching the wall but don't as I would regret it I feel. I think if you are...
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Mum on assisted leave, moving out is for the best

Posted 21st July 2016 at 11:34 by mutedsoul

Yesterday my mum came home for a few hours. I had to meet her at the Hospital. It was unexpected as she called me to collect her. Anyway yesterday was an amplification of what I have been feeling, I need to move out in for my wellbeing.

I feel I have a lot of issues with my mum. The main issue I have is that she tries to look and appear super normal even when her illness is obvious. It's frustrating because it affects me and my sister. My mum should be on ESA because of her illness,...
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