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My unusual dream, which needs to be here.

Posted 29th September 2017 at 11:08 by Boy

This is very unusual. I want to date it and have it written in here.

Few seconds of a dream. Someone's knocking on my door and window. I wake up.
This is way too strange, feeling is different than in my usual dreams. First of all, this is a state of my conscious, where I'm not sure if it's happening in real life or am I dreaming. But I wake up fully, it's dark and I really think that someone was knocking, I am waiting for another knock, already awake. But there's no knocking. However, my heart is racing and I am in sweat. When I have nightmares I wake up in sweat too, but my heart is not racing like crazy.

That's why I am thinking it is not a usual dream. I haven't been using a dream dictionary in many many years, but I did now.
I don't know why, I just don't know, but I felt that it will be a bad news in a real life for me. And dream dictionary said, that it is. Well, different dream dictionaries are saying different things, but most of them are saying this - it's either bad news or a good news, but both should shock me.

It is very interesting how Russian language and English language dream dictionaries are saying different stuff. I mean, the Russian one says lots of bad stuff and the English one - I couldn't found anything bad about my dream!
I will make a blog about my dream and just add a little bit more interpretations.

This dream was different. I almost was sure it were real knocks. But 2 more people live in a house with me and when I woke up, they weren't walking or checking if someone was knocking.

Some of the other interpretations:

Russian dream dictionaries mainly had good or bad shocking news, tragedy, or huge changes in life.
Here's some from English language interpretations:

Hearing a knock on your door can represent a feeling, desire, or fear that:
  1. Someone wants to communicate with you
  2. An opportunity is available to you
  3. Someone is trying to get access to you in some way, such as to interact with you, understand you, or get information or something else from you
  4. Someone wants you to "open up," be honest, or connect with them in a real way
  5. Someone or something is threatening to "invade your space," such as compromise your integrity or take advantage of you
  6. You're expecting or thinking about an opportunity.
  • Loud knock on a door: You are becoming aware of spiritual truths and are reaching a new level of understanding. You are aware of certain spiritual powers that you have.
  • Dreaming about knocking on a door is a symbol of new things entering into your life. It is important understand that nothing can enter into your life without your express invitation. This is not to say that things cannot cross your path of affect you without your invitation, but merely that they can have no lasting effect nor can they remain in your life unless you allow them to.
  • To hear knocking suggests we are being given permission from our spiritual self to progress on our current journey. Some believe that it is a way of alerting the psyche to the realms of spirit. If we ourselves are knocking on a door, we may be wanting to become part of someone's life, looking for a particular type of information asking for help or seeking different opportunities. We are waiting for permission before moving forward. To hear knocking in a dream generally alerts us to the fact that our attention needs to be re-focused. For instance, we may be too introverted when in fact we need to be paying more attention to external matters.
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