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Religious brainwashing.

Posted 1st October 2014 at 17:22 by indigo777

Isnít so much of religion quite ridiculous? Of course it really only mirrors mans culture and thinking at the time of writing and was always used to control the masses. For instance I remember reading the small Gideon bible that they gave away free at school (talk about brainwashing young minds!) while sitting on the toilet once. I read some such crap as slaves, yes slaves should be obedient and obey their masters and they will be rewarded in heaven. After being taught that there is nothing worse than slavery and its better to fight and die rather than be enslaved I was outraged and threw the bible across the room (toilet) in disgust. Itís a big blow at such a young age to realise that itís all man made bollocks and yet they still made us sing Christian songs each week in assembly. Of course we now know the bible was written hundreds of years after Christ and large quantities were left out in a biblical pick n mix type way.

I thought of this after taking a religious leaflet out of my pocket that someone handed me in town the other day. It was shaped like money with religious claptrap around the edge. One particularly annoying statement was that if a man(not sure about females) even looks at a woman in a lustful way that in the eyes of God is the same as adultery and thus deserving of Gods full punishment meaning burning for all eternity in hell I presume. What a wanker this god must be if he/she/it treats people in this way and of course wanking is punishable by the same way. (Iím totally f**ked then!). If God punishes people by burning them for all eternity for quite minor offences then he/she simply isn't good enough to be my god, F **K off to such a cruel entity, I want a new one.
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