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Posted 28th April 2011 at 01:11 by Drimma

"Arrrghh my head"
Is it fever or flu (headache, shaking, heavy sweating and aching all over?) I don't know. Either way I couldn't go into work today but got some useful advice from my boss who work me up from my sleep in a puddle of sweat "No don't bother with paracetamol not strong enough and lemsip is for girls, try Nurofen take two before breakfast and two after breakfast and see how it goes - call me in the afternoon to see how your feeling for tomorrow."
The first two worked a treat prompting me to call and book myself in tomorrow but just taken some more they've had minimal effect - got some Night Nurse on standby tho.

In other news:
I semi-pulled the other day one of my sisters friend - yes my social circles are that constricted.

I found her washing dishes at our little get together.
"Wow your a good guest washing dishes, you do realize there is a dishwasher right there right?"
"No I don't mind" she chuckled.
"Well at least your house trained and won't have difficulties in finding a husband will you?"
And as with all things sweet it started with a laugh.
We bantered easily about a lot of things she'd been out of the country recently, her work and mine all mixed in with jokes and funny things which piqued the interest of a couple of kids there who come around giddly saying to me and her "you have a girlfriend - you have a boyfriend" before running off in hysterics. Choice moment to note that I didn't really fancy her, was not even trying it on until it just happened as it's said but once it was happening I stayed just enjoying the attention as it where.

Dishes finished we moved to my room and away from prying eyes tho the kids still followed upstairs for more teasing. She didn't remonstrate them with vehement opposition however-"What, me girlfriend to this depressive?!" Ha!" Which I found a touch encouraging, in fact she smiled coyly and demurely throughout the teasing.

She packed herself comfortably in front of my pc and after adding me on a couple of social networks started showing me her favorite youtube clips; some christian hip hop no less.

She was once a wild child prone to fights but had now been saved and she confessed to a surreal experience of having been choked by invisible hands whilst in bed and nearly dying until she uttered "Jesus, Jesus save me"
The conversation got bogged down from there onwards as she showed me more bible bashing clips until I let my atheist colors show and we ended up having a prolonged discussion on the issue - which I wasn't interested in and should have seriously just cut down and got back to the flattering attention I wanted.

Oh well.
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