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On the Up and Up

Posted 23rd April 2011 at 21:33 by Drimma
Updated 25th April 2011 at 04:33 by Drimma (add pic)

Clubbing - Silhouette of me during movie night - poker night

Its been a fun week.

Monday was spent recuparating after my first night out clubbing some fifty odd miles away from home with Butters. I was a shaky nervey mass of anxiousness as we approached the club, the tension arching my neck and vibrating my arms which I plausibly blamed on the biting breeze, with a set of old college faces I vaguely knew but some surrepitious deep breathing and CBT counter thoughts helped me to settle and I ended up cutting a mean rug!
Tues Emmanuel hosted his movie night at his work place, a small out of the way not too busy hotel, complete with free nosh and fire bevarages; and inbetween Jim Carrey's masked escapeds I caught up with Kyle (my one time social-hub) too who I hadn't seen in some months.
Wed's was to the real movies - Scream 4 - to which Butters took me and using his Orange phone got me in for free.

Butters has single-handendly ressurected my pitiful social life - he got me into his regular Tues Poker Nights, Orange Weds movie nights, clubbing and game nights - especially if its my Red Devils vs. his beloved Blues, and has tried, the generous soul, to get me join his park-football tho due to my unhealthy frame and lazyness has found me reluctuant.
Despite his mild mannered mannariesims, his lackadacsical grip on the english language and much to my surprise it turns out Butters has a varied and very lively social life to which his allowing me all-access pass with free chauffer service.

Thurs we drove far for bowling and clubbing again - that's twice inside a week whilst I'd had a year+ drought; how bout it, bout it? And I meet some of his other pals amongst whom Shabz stood noteworthy for personally knowing half the club we went into - he got a few people in free too and his rented flash motors which I gathrered he periodically changes just to stay fresh!

Tonight I have a family do at my house, 7 guest in total sleeping over including two prepubescent cousins who follow me around and have hijacked my room (I'm typing this outside my comfort zone) and I'm finding it hard to adjust to the sudden and complete usurp of my private space/time.

I turned down another clubbing offer from butters tonight (Fri)- hangover/family - and also another from the hip in my house who went to a gig. Since when do I get two social calls in one night let alone turn them down cause I'm recovering from a previous? And of course in the speckless anxious free aftermath I'm left regretting not going to the later - I mean why not?

Could I be mild case bi-polar - I've been very active and social where as a month ago I'd spent some three consecutive days in melancholic housebound solipsism without as much as a text message from anyone?
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  1. Old Comment
    HardRockGlamour's Avatar
    Wow sounds awesome
    Posted 24th April 2011 at 13:28 by HardRockGlamour HardRockGlamour is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Drimma's Avatar
    it was awesome -
    tho 2nite i again turned down an outing cause i thought i might feel uncomfortable --
    Posted 25th April 2011 at 00:06 by Drimma Drimma is offline

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