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Other Peoples Love in the Air

Posted 30th April 2011 at 23:59 by Drimma

Friday I had an early wake up call to get to my cousins engagement ceremony not much helped by the pulsing hangover I had. On the ride over I had a liquid breakfast, my favorite can of Nourishment, that I sipped throughout the morning trying to bring myself back to life.

I was half dazed greeting so many people who knew me but I didn't recognize and inadvertently found myself in the elders club as they arranged how to give over the dowry to the brides parents. It was complex business as the dowry amounted to thousands and something's that the brides family had requested could not be given in cash, like the six crates of beer for the father and 6 creates of soft drinks for the mother as tradition dictated. Likewise something's were to be given upfront like the celebration feast but others were not to be handed over until explicitly requested for and breaking any of these rules of decorum entailed a fine from the brides family; basically more cash. The brides worth amounted amongst many other things to 99 goats (cash equivalent given), a very large water tank (cash) and the aforementioned beverages as well as the groom had to pay for the wedding.

Ritual singing - only the grooms family is on view.

Another ritual - I only learned these on the day - saw the females of the grooms family carry the offerings to the brides gate and sing several songs announcing they beared gifts and asking to be let in and be received. After a feast the elders once again meet up for talks this time for real whilst the rest of us sat outside and that's when things got uncomfortable for me. With no one to talk to in all that crowd, I lounged about for a while before slipping away for a random and very long walk by myself until leaving time.

The ceremony had consumed the whole day complete and I'd only managed to catch a slight glimpse of the royal wedding. Sat proved to be just as time consuming; this time the wedding of a close family friend - which my parents and I actually missed when our car broke down - but the reception made up for it. It was full of lively singing to the bride and happy couple and far removed from the calm and regal procession of the royal wedding the previous day.

Again I found myself after a time not able to start a conversation with anyone and had to suffer a slow dance with a reluctant partner who only agreed after much crowd pressure. Such a minuscule thing left me deflated and dejected - what was the big deal about dancing with me - though my attitude should have been one of "to hell with you too". I guess it affected me so much as the whole weekend had been so dominated by lovey doveyness and here was one more reminder that not only did I not have that but my prospects where crushingly dim.

Mentally exhausted at having laborous conversations all day I was glad when the whole affair was over and I could sink into my bed but the loneliness haunted me even there. Sleep my last sanctuary and how I wish I could sleep forever.
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  1. Old Comment
    Sadpup's Avatar
    Awww I get how you feel!!! my sis gt married, but luckily us bros wasn't in the games and stuff, but the ritual was a bit awkward.

    And in the wedding was too.. I was just sitting there like a turd lol.........

    Don't be all down about it, its the past
    Posted 2nd May 2011 at 23:17 by Sadpup Sadpup is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Drimma's Avatar
    ty sadpup

    *other things were gettin me down but i've been lucky to have some company as of late - n i'm picking up the mood
    Posted 4th May 2011 at 13:02 by Drimma Drimma is offline

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