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Current Job Review and some New Year Resolutions

Posted 31st December 2015 at 00:39 by mutedsoul

So I started 2015 in my old job. Whilst I don't regret quitting my old job, I honestly can't say my new job is really better. One thing I miss about my previous job is the rigid Monday to Friday, 9-5 timetable. Whilst my current job was advertised as 20 hours part time I always do 10 hours overtime with 1 hour unpaid lunch, 5 days a week but flexible days so it feels like I don't get as much free time as I get random days off. Job searching online I have found that flexible full time hours aren't rare but that doesn't mean it is something I am happy to do in most cases.

Another thing I don't really like is that this current job relies more on social skills and politics than the actual job, but I guess that is because the company is bigger so I don't work with everyone and the job is basic but time consuming, it's warehouse work in a big store.

Tbh, although I hate this current job I feel it has shown me that in the long term I would rather have a career in something that has meaning to me. It has shown me what I don't want also. I want to do more skilled, higher paid work but I also want some work-life balance mainly because my hobbies and interests feel very important to me. I want a job that I feel satisfied with, instead of complacent. It has also made me care less of what others think of me as I feel like I am judged on my social awkwardness a lot in this job, but then the people that seem to do it don't really know me and only see me in the store hallways, shopfloor etc. They haven't really spoken to me so why see their judgement as valid. I need to improve my social skills and anxiety though for a better life.

Over the last few days I have done a bit of research on careers and concluded that a career in engineering would probably suit me. I am questionable on things like work hours though but I feel certain engineering career fields I have looked at suit me and interest me. Whilst teaching also does, I gotta admit I am not selfless enough to consider teaching presently. So I plan on trying for a few apprenticeships under certain companies when they are available next year whilst finding a better suited job for me currently, I am certain the job is most likely not going to be a long term permanent job cause I don't feel ready to settle into the workforce with my limited skills. If the apprenticeship fails I might consider somehow going back into education for more qualifications.

My New Years resolution is mainly to build my self confidence, social skills and better manage my SA. Despite reading a book on learning Social Skills it feels like my mindset needs correcting before I can really benefit from learning Social Skills and Body Language cause how can I really learn if I'm controlled by fear and negative thoughts around most people.
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