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Old 2nd September 2006, 14:28
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Default How to register your nickname

This is a brief description of how to register and identify a registered nickname

For more help, please ask an Op in the chatrooms or post below.

Registering your nickname

To register the nickname, first you must be logged in using the nickname which you wish to register (if you join as guest you can do this by typing /nick mynewnick). Then think of a good password.
Then, type these details exactly as shown into the chat screen where you would normally type to chat to other users (substitute your own email address and password where shown)

/msg NickServ register password email

For example, if your nickname is joebloggs, your password is monstermash6488 and your email is type the following:

/msg NickServ register monstermash6488

Please don't use the above password, or an easy-to-guess password like your nickname or your real name!

/msg nickserv Identify password

So if your password was monstermash6488 you would put:

/msg nickserv Identify monstermash6488

Your nickname should now be registered fully. If you have any problems, ask an Op or post below.

Identifying your nickname

To maintain your nickname registration, you have to use the password that you registered it with to "identify". (Note that if you don't do this for 15 days the nickname registration will automatically expire.)

To identify your current registered nickname, type

/msg nickserv Identify nickname password (obviously substituting your own password)

e.g. /msg nickserv Identify joebloggs monstermash6488

Identification with the password helps to tell everyone that you are really the registered user of your nickname. Once you have identified anyone who uses the /whois command on you will see the text "nickname is a registered nick". For more information/help, type /msg NickServ help into the chatroom.

Please note that your nickname will expire if you do not log in for 15 days or more.

Sometimes /ns will work instead of /msg nickserv (e.g. /ns identify joebloggs monstermash6488)

It is also recommended that to prevent others using your nickname whilst you are away you set enforcement protection to on. This will mean anyone who uses your nickname (including yourself!) will have 60 seconds to login with the identify command or your nickname will be changed. To enable this, type:

/msg NickServ set enforce on

Reclaiming your nickname

If someone has used your nickname, the nickname service will hold onto it for a period of time before it can be used again. If this happens, to release your nick, simply type

/msg Nickserv Release nickname password

If, on the other hand, you have disconnected and want your own nick back, use the ghost command

/msg Nickserv Ghost nickname password
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