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Old 19th August 2017, 22:45
firemonkey firemonkey is offline
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Default Are you disorganised/messy/untidy?

Are you disorganised/messy/untidy?Were you as a child? I have great difficulty keeping my flat clean and tidy. Thinking about trying to deal with it makes me feel anxious and overwhelmed.

School reports noted my disorganisation and untidiness .

A lot of the problem is knowing where to start and how to proceed from there. I have a real problem with multi step tasks.
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Old 20th August 2017, 12:11
BigHeavy10 BigHeavy10 is offline
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Default Re: Are you disorganised/messy/untidy?

Nope. Everything has its place. Everything is clean. I have never been an untidy person either.

Once its done, Its done. Half an hour of tidying, hoovering and dusting a day will keep it tidy and a once a month deep clean will top it up nicely.
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Old 20th August 2017, 19:12
purplerose purplerose is offline
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Location: Northamptonshire, UK
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Default Re: Are you disorganised/messy/untidy?

I like everything to be in its place and everything clean and tidy.
Mess makes me feel stressed.
I don't really remember if I was messy as a child.
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Old 20th August 2017, 19:28
Clementine Clementine is offline
Banned at own request
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Default Re: Are you disorganised/messy/untidy?

@Firemonkey could you maybe try writing yourself a simple chart? Just a few things to do on each day of the week, perhaps. You could start with just the bare minimum - vacuuming Monday and Thursday, giving worktops a quick wipe down daily... for example, then add in more.

There are plenty of templates and lists of chores online that you can adapt, stuff like This that might help you figure out where to start.

Little and often is the best way, I think. Stick with it and it'll soon become habit
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Old 20th August 2017, 21:12
gregarious_introvert gregarious_introvert is offline
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Default Re: Are you disorganised/messy/untidy?

I've always been organised but moved house at the end of last year, from a two-bedroom property to a one-bedroom one; now, I live in complete clutter (I don't even have the space to rebuild my bed frame so have spent the last nine months sleeping on my sofa) and have lost the will to do anything about it.

I know that I need to start by building shelf units and/or acquiring cupboards (and a wardrobe) so that I can store the things which are taking away my floor space, but I am struggling to find the time or money for these things; I've let it all get on top of me and now I need to reach a point where it becomes so unbearable that I'll address it with one Herculean effort (I think I'm close to that now).

As BigHeavy10 says, a small amount daily will keep you on top of things and Clementine's chore list seems a good idea too; however, if you have let things slide and the first issue you need to address is clutter, then start by finding somewhere to store everything you need to keep and getting rid of the stuff you don't (at this moment, this is very much do as I say, not do as I do!), maybe tackle one room, or even one area of a room (depending on the size of the task) a day - once everything is in its place, then cleaning becomes a lot easier.
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Old 21st August 2017, 00:08
GlasgowFilmTheatreFan GlasgowFilmTheatreFan is offline
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Default Re: Are you disorganised/messy/untidy?

I don't think this is that unusual a problem, if (like me) you have a tendency towards depression it can be easy to neglect things. Your living environment can be a manifestation of your mental state and once in place can also affect you - "outer order breeds inner calm" as Gretchen Rubin says. I don't use it myself, but I have seen the website (pardon my French Un**** recommended as being a great resource for struggling people.
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Old 9th September 2017, 12:48
Rebka Rebka is offline
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Default Re: Are you disorganised/messy/untidy?

Yeh... I always mean to tidy up but it's hard to stick to it. All my socks are still scattered all over my floor too, I think some of them are starting to mate with eachother ha! As a child I was much worse though, from school and homework and so on. The prospect of planning things out is daunting and when I attempt to do it it's frustrating because it's just hard for me to plan and stuff let alone carry out all those plans, mainly because I always forget something
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