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Old 19th September 2017, 21:03
affluenza affluenza is offline
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Default Ideas that will change the world

Shoes with a mini Vacuum cleaner. You walk along and it vacuums where you go.
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Old 21st September 2017, 14:57
Vasco Da Gama Vasco Da Gama is offline
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Default Re: Ideas that will change the world

Good for surreptitiously picking up money other people have dropped, I guess?
Dog owners could suck up their dog's poop too?

Your sins will be recorded and you'll be held to account later, (no wait, that's been done)

Erm....., possessions weigh you down, so come drop your clutter, and be a balloon person and fly high
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Old 22nd September 2017, 12:07
flumpsy flumpsy is offline
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Default Re: Ideas that will change the world

^ I'm in.

I have invented the self cooking chicken. Its bio engineered to cook itself from the inside out when you pull its tail. I am looking into a cow version but so far they tend to just build up pressure and explode.

Also a forgive-o-boozinator. It makes people forgive me for whatever I did the night before when drunk.
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Old 29th September 2017, 23:05
Fluorescent Grey Fluorescent Grey is offline
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Default Re: Ideas that will change the world

Democracy is the worst way to govern a people with the exception of all the others, as Churchill said. Democracy, ideally, is the wise acknowlegement that no-one can claim to know the 'true' way of doing things because there's no such thing. Perhaps a well informed electorate can collectively be wiser than any individual or ideology.

People voted for Hitler. People voted for Trump. So that didn't turn out according to plan. And maybe if people were properly informed then it would be slightly better. But think of the Brexit campaign. I knew that the EU had it's faults and that perhaps there were good reasons for leaving. I was looking forward to an intelligent conversation about the pros and cons of EU membership. That expectation lasted about 30 seconds. Hate foreigners? Vote leave! is about all I learned from that twat Boris and that other twat Nigel.

So democracy doesn't work. It's too much to reconcile everyone's opinions. Look at America. A lot of Americans have shown themselves to be amazing with their opposition to the prick sitting in the White House. Others, somehow, still believe that he's doing a good job.

Is there a better way? Long distance travel has never been easier than it is today. Perhaps instead of choosing a leader for our country we should just choose our country. People who hate gays can **** off to Homophobialand, where they can all be happy hating gays together while ignoring their latent homosexual tendencies which cause such hatred. Racists can **** off to Aryanland, where they can be free to feel like the master race, since everyone around them will be just as ****ing dumb. Religionland (yeah that's going to be peaceful), Atheistland, Scientologyland, Misogynistland (which would die out pretty quickly until there's just two of them left in a ditch. And one of them would have an epiphany - "Ah! I see. Women don't like being called bitches." But it would be too late.)

And then there would be SlightlyLeftWingSmugAndSuperiorLiberalLand, where I'd live. Where everything would be perfect of course.

EDIT. Yeah I know, the weakness of this is that it will mean a lot of immigrants. XenophobiaLand? Would that work? Probably not but **** 'em.

Last edited by Fluorescent Grey; 29th September 2017 at 23:13. Reason: Divine Intervention.
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