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Old 15th May 2018, 01:36
tru3f1ct10n tru3f1ct10n is offline
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Default Hello!

Greetings to you all. Well, I've joined this group so I guess I ought to introduce myself.

I'm Peter and I'm 35 years old. I have struggled with SA for a long time, though I suppose outwardly I appear to function quite well; I have a job, my own place and a few close friends. I actually doubt anyone who knows me, including family, friends, and work colleagues, would realise what a hinderance my anxiety has been to me.

When I look back I feel sad because I think my life could have been more fulfilling if Iíd been less fearful. There are really two areas of my life that have been affected the most. One is romance, and the other is my career.

I have never had a romantic relationship and have struggled to even go dating. Though, in the last 2 years, I have at least managed to go on a few dates. So in some ways I do feel like Iíve made some progress. Nevertheless, itís still pretty nerve-racking.

Iíve been in my current job for 13 years and I would love to move on to something else. However, the thought of going through the scrutiny of a job interview process and the stress of settling into a new work environment, with new colleagues, has stopped me even trying. I feel stuck in my niche of familiarity where I can function. Iím probably capable of doing a more demanding and more financially rewarding job but my low confidence and anxiety is a major obstacle.

Anyway, having said all that, I have just started seeing a counsellor for some talking therapy. Hopefully that will help.
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Old 15th May 2018, 13:38
limey123 limey123 is offline
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Default Re: Hello!

Welcome Peter and thanks for your post. It sounds like you are managing pretty well overall, though I'm sure most here can empathise with your desire to achieve more and your regrets that you haven't perhaps achieved as much as you would have liked due to SA.

I hope therapy helps you and you can realise your goals in life. There is plenty of good support to be had here and lots of good people.
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