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Old 17th February 2019, 20:31
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Default Re: Do you think SA and unattractiveness are linked?

Originally Posted by limey123
I regularly get nasty comments from total strangers about my appearance, which some people apparently think deviates from the acceptable standard. Many from teenagers, but also from older folks who ought to know better. Often I just overhear them, but on occasions they have blatantly and provocatively been made directly to my face.

These things don't help your self-image and confidence, that's certainly true. Whether they directly can or do cause SA, I don't know.

One thing I have learned is that perceived attractiveness is almost completely in the eye of the beholder: I have been described by different women as both "ugly" and "gorgeous", as well as "weird-looking"
That is incredible. Its interesting isn't it that we see ourselves as having "problems" and yet we are for the most part respectful and kind to others and then those that we think are "normal" can be rude and arrogant. It makes you wonder who really has the problems.
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