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Old 11th September 2018, 21:41
AA1988 AA1988 is offline
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Default Any advice please

Hi everyone Iíve suffered with social performance anxiety for years had cbt in the past and beta blockers . I am not a shy person in fact very sociable but if I was to unwrap a present , do a presentation , or carry out tasks in front of people I panic my I sweat , heart races, feel sick and will usually avoid the situation . Has anyone any advice or tips ?? I even hate the thought of driving with certain people In the car my husband made a comment about my positioning in the car the other day when he was a passenger and now I am analysing it and scared of driving with him as a passenger again incase I panic . I now feel heís gonna be analysing my driving .
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Old 13th September 2018, 16:11
Sisyphus Sisyphus is offline
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Default Re: Any advice please

Hi AA1988,

Welcome to the board.

I cannot offer any advice on your specific situation, just some general stuff from my viewpoint.

The good news is that you can almost certainly change.

The bad news is that it will probably be a long and hard road.

Seeking help is a good sign. Have a rummage around here and I guess you will see lots of things you recognise.

You mention CBT in the past tense. It is a bit like a gym membership, you have to go to get the benefit. Do you still do all the exercises regularly? (I really struggle at this.)

Another practice I find very helpful is mindfulness. It gives just a little breathing space so I can think for myself when my mind is giving me a kicking. Again, it is something that has to be done regularly before it is needed.

You have a partner, are they aware of your position and are they supportive or not? (Rhetorical question, not prying) Having someone nurturing at hand is a great help.

Finding some way to stay in control and not engaging with the unhelpful thoughts in your head is a help too. Reading a bookshelf full of self help books may give some ideas that work for you.

Each time you fall over, pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and get back on the horse. It is the hardest thing ever, and try not to blame yourself (or anyone else).

There may be lots of other things to do that will help and I am sure people will add to this.

Last edited by Sisyphus; 14th September 2018 at 13:58. Reason: Changed 'probably' to 'almost certainly'. Be positive Sisyphus, positive.
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Old 14th September 2018, 17:28
Aelwyn Aelwyn is offline
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Default Re: Any advice please

You mention that you'd tried beta blockers, I've found these very helpful, but my prescription is for slow release propranolol, 80 mg, one a day. I found this much better than the usual sort which makes you feel tired for a couple of hours and then wears off (at least that's what happened to me).

I found that taking the propranolol helped me build up a bit of confidence in some social situations, for instance beforehand I could hardly write a cheque in front of other people, I was so shaky. Then when I stopped taking propranolol every day, I found that I had got used to being able to do some of those things OK, and that I could carry on doing them. I do still take propranolol if I know I've got a stressful situation ahead, and I'm not saying I'm now cured of the SA, but it might be worth trying this.
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Old 20th September 2018, 11:18
AA1988 AA1988 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
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Default Re: Any advice please

Hi I still have beta blockers 40mg but I am pregnant so reluctant to use them frequently . I know it***8217;s going to be a long road and I often find it easier to avoid but I know in the long run I am making it harder . I think we with social performance anxiety are perfectionists and so critical of how we are going to come across to others x
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