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Old 13th April 2010, 22:14
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Default Re: 80s Technology-ZX Spectrum

I didn't have many games: manic miner, atic atac, jet set willy, 3d ant attack and adventure. Adventure was great - no graphics at all - just text! I remember spending an eternity playing atic atac and being really disappointed when I eventually escaped from the castle. I think I was hoping there'd be another game beyond the doors. I never did manage to get through ameobatons revenge on manic miner. Did all the others through the level selector thingy. I used to be a bit afraid of the ants in 3d ant attack
Old 15th April 2010, 21:54
The Lone Stranger The Lone Stranger is offline
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Default Re: 80s Technology-ZX Spectrum

I didn`t have a spectrum but I used to play on my friends one , the first game I ever played on it was jetpac and I used to love matchday but it had a few bugs in it. I remember playing manic miner as well and probably a few more. I had a vic20 then a commodore 64 then an amiga which are all in the loft now , I had a go on the vic a few years ago but the 64 wouldn`t work for some reason.
Old 16th April 2010, 02:55
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Default Re: 80s Technology-ZX Spectrum

i've still got my amstrad 464 with green screen monitor and a load of games. it still works and i do get it out now and again, still love the noise it makes when loading tapes even if it does take forever.
fave games were the "dizzy" collection the indiana jones of the egg world
Old 3rd May 2010, 21:02
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Default Re: 80s Technology-ZX Spectrum

Yeh, I had a Spectrum too(those were the days, eh?) I remember a book I got with it that had pages of instructions to type in a program just so you could watch a word you typed in bounce all over the screen. It took me hours to type it all in! My favourite games were Jet Set Willy 2 and Manic Miner. Ah, happy days!
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