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Old 6th September 2018, 17:55
misska misska is offline
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Default Accepting get a job was a mistake

I got a job as a home carer visiting people. I haven't care experience but you get trained so I thought I would be okay. But I've just finished the training in the offices and I'm worried they're all thinking I'm too quiet to be a carer. They were all bubbley and chatty I'm really quiet in groups. I am coming off benefits soon I'm worried this isn't the right job for someone with SA..
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Old 6th September 2018, 21:47
choirgirl choirgirl is offline
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Default Re: Accepting get a job was a mistake

This is one of the few low paid jobs I haven't done yet, although I'm sure I will at some point. As far as I understand it, you don't get much time per person anyway, also listening to the client blather on will be enough for some. It seems to be that with all 'female' low paid jobs one is expected to do a load of chitchat and listening on top of one's duties, bah, it's annoying.
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Old 6th September 2018, 21:58
Mr. Nobody Mr. Nobody is offline
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Default Re: Accepting get a job was a mistake

My Mum has carers in every day, has done for years now,
Quite a few have been quiet ,
One just now is really quite, but she does just as good a job as anyone else,
I prefer her to most of the others, I always feel more reassured when she is there,
I find the talkative ones to be somewhat overbearing and opinionated,
it's a job that shouldn't really be affected by how socially outgoing you are,
Sometimes it may help if the person you're visiting needs the thrust of conversation,
But as you're only there for about 15 or 20 mins, it's really only about the basic level of care,
And 15-20mins is just about enough to provide that,
Any excessive chat or social engagement tends to get in the way of those core tasks.

I'd say that your quiet nature shouldn't affect things at all,
I think it'll be a totally different feel and experience when it's one-to-one care your giving,
Rather than being the soul of the party with your work colleagues or peers.
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Old 17th September 2018, 12:54
Quick Quick is offline
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Default Re: Accepting get a job was a mistake

If you're a carer, you want to be working with the right people. Some of the clients aren't very nice so I'm told. It really all depends on the manager and the rest of the staff. If the manager really cares about her patients and makes sure that the clients don't push boundaries then you'll be fine. Happy staff and well-looked after patients are what it's all about.

What jobs are there in the local area?
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Old 17th September 2018, 16:46
AireleeBray AireleeBray is offline
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Default Re: Accepting get a job was a mistake

i had been thinking of getting a carers job in the future. i know if i ever needed carers id hate each one being loud & 'bubbly' not everyone wants that so i dont think you need to worry.
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Old 17th September 2018, 17:58
Kooky Monster Kooky Monster is offline
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Default Re: Accepting get a job was a mistake

Completely agree with everything Vasco has written.

From my own experience from when my grandad had carers coming in, you'll be so busy with the tasks at hand that there won't be time for a massive chit chat. I think most clients will be happy to just be engaged with, asked how they are etc, and given the chance to speak themselves. It won't matter if you're loud or quiet, so long as you're showing an interest and that you care is all that matters - after all, carers might be the only people they see on the regular.

Best of luck with it
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Old 17th September 2018, 20:52
I Love My Cats I Love My Cats is offline
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Default Re: Accepting get a job was a mistake

I work in that kind of line myself and if I'm honest, being bubbly isn't what gets you through in that job. Bear in mind that you have to work with a lot of people who, some might term as difficult. However, why would this be? To put yourself in those people's shoes, it's really hard to accept that you're not able to look after yourself any more and you have to accept help. The people come from all walks of life so some will like to chat, others won't. Some may even be put off with too much chat.

What I'd say is it's a hard job, but very rewarding too. When I worked in a similar role, I found the bulk of people were great to work with - very understanding about my issues and very grateful for my support. It's a hugely important job too - sad to say, but often you are the only person that the client will see that day, so yes, they're pleased to see you.

Don't let the over confident people put you off. I'm sure you will do fine. If you're a caring person who likes to help others, you're half way there. The rest will come with time and experience
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