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Old 17th August 2020, 18:37
Kooky Monster Kooky Monster is offline
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Default Clumsiness

Does anyone else become a klutz and/or devoid of common sense the second they leave the comfort of home?

At home, I'm in no way clumsy and possess enough common sense to evaluate situations and act accordingly, but the second I step out the door, it's like I become a different person.

Today I had to take my cat to the vets. Upon the vet coming out of the building to collect her, I flung the car door wide open even though there was a car right next to us and alas, it whacked the other car resulting in me getting the dirtiest look despite my stream of apologies. Then when my cat was returned to me, I put her on the front seat, kept the door open, crouched by the car and chatted with my friend who was in the driving seat. I was aware that during the chat another car pulled up beside us, but at no point did it occur to me that the occupant was trapped inside until I saw fit to move and close the door. It's like I have no self-awareness.

That's just the examples from today, but it seems to happen in some form or another each and every time I go out somewhere. On the days when the SA is bad, I guess it's expected due to having an over-stimulated brain, but other times, like today, I won't be feeling remotely anxious and it will still happen.

Is it just me?
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Old 17th August 2020, 20:10
Toxic Toxic is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

I'm a bumbling idiot with various things outside, especially if there are people around.

Very basic daily life tasks I'd have no problem with doing ever - put me in public or near people and I forget how things work.

I'm surprised I haven't put the wrong fuel in my car yet in between forgetting how to open the little door, dropping the nozzle, forgetting which way unscrews the cap, trying to start before I've told it how I want to pay, forgetting my card number because I'm paying at the pump..

Thats another reason I don't like going outside, bound to make a giant tit of myself.
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Old 17th August 2020, 21:46
girlinterrupted girlinterrupted is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

I am hideously clumsy and clueless when anxious, and it gets worse as the anxiety does. I don't think I'm that bad at other times, although I used to be really clumsy just in general, before I ever really had anxiety. Maybe it got better with age, hadn't really noticed 'til I just thought about it
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Old 18th August 2020, 20:08
humphrey humphrey is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

I have always been clumsy, especially when anxious, the used to call me Selwyn Frogget years ago, (shows how old I am). I am worse if I even think someone is watching me.
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Old 18th August 2020, 23:07
Azalea Azalea is offline
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Location: Haydock, Merseyside.
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Default Re: Clumsiness

I've always been clumsy (used to love Selwyn Frogget btw)
I have become quite adept at falling over, last time I did it I headbutted a wall and spent the next month looking like I'd been in a fight.
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Old 19th August 2020, 16:46
choirgirl choirgirl is offline
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Location: Toryshire/Bizarroworld
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Default Re: Clumsiness

Sort of, yes. I think it's ADHD/something along those lines. Or it's anxiety. It may well be that the 'perfomance anxiety' I sometimes have originally came from being told off/mocked for zoning out or being unable to concentrate because too many things were going on at once.
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Old 13th September 2020, 11:33
Mellie Mellie is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

Yep I'm always clumsy when I leave my home. Sigh. I fell over yesterday, in front of people asking for directions. Oops , was embarrassing.
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Old 13th September 2020, 14:31
Mo34 Mo34 is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

Oh I totally identify with this. Even when I'm not anxious or sa I seem to be a walking moron amongst other people. At home, or on my own perfectly fine, or if i'm with ppl (the very few) that I feel comfortable and confident around. But that aside I seem to do a lot of idiotic things.

I have a tendency to get quite disorientated as well, so can often get lost in the silliest of ways or find myself unable to find exits or toilets or changing rooms or.... well you get the picture.
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Old 13th September 2020, 15:42
firemonkey firemonkey is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

My stepdaughter has said I'm the clumsiest person she has known.63 years and counting of clumsiness...
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Old 13th September 2020, 22:37
newbs16 newbs16 is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

I'm very clumsy, annoyingly so to be honest.
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Old 14th September 2020, 00:49
gregarious_introvert gregarious_introvert is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

Mine seems to be worse at home (most of the time) and is almost entirely food and drink related: today alone, I've had two drink-related incidents - spilling coffee all over a table at Luton airport then dripping coffee down the staircase of this apartment building - as well as spilling the contents of a sachet over the floor when I tried opening it.

It's quite rare that I manage to cook dinner without dropping some over the floor, the cooker or wherever, or to eat food without wearing some of it; it's not unknown for me to lose an entire meal when I'm dishing it up. I don't often break things, but I do knock quite a few over and I should never be too far from some kind of absorbent cloth or towel.

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Old 24th November 2020, 20:47
neilm neilm is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

When very anxious (and especially when observed by others) I can be, so yes.

Ime probably much the same as the next man, when Ime not in an anxiety provoking situation though
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Old 25th November 2020, 10:33
hellotiger hellotiger is offline
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Default Re: Clumsiness

I’m very clumsy anyway but it gets worse around people. I’m very head in the clouds by nature so I think I just don’t properly take in my surroundings, that combined with being uncoordinated.
My most frequent issue is with doors. I push when I should pull, I miscalculate where I’m going and walk into the frame, or the biggest one - I get my sleeve caught on the door handle and get yoinked backwards. I’m a dropper too, can’t hold onto things without dropping it.
I’d like to be cool and graceful, synchronised and composed but I’m not, I’m a klutz. It doesn’t bother me anymore though.
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