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Old 20th May 2020, 10:15
firemonkey firemonkey is offline
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Default Most young people with increased suicide risk only display 'mild to moderate' mental

The vast majority of young people who self-harm or experience suicidal thoughts appear to have only mild or moderate mental distress, instead of more obvious symptoms associated with a diagnosable disorder, according to a new study.

As such, measures to reduce suicide risk in young people should focus on the whole population, not just those who are most distressed, depressed or anxious, said Cambridge University researchers during Mental Health Awareness week.

They argue that the small increases in stress across the entire population due to the coronavirus lockdown could cause far more young people to be at risk of suicide than can be detected through evidence of psychiatric disorders.
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Old 20th May 2020, 12:35
imperfect_perfectionist imperfect_perfectionist is offline
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Default Re: Most young people with increased suicide risk only display 'mild to moderate' men

How do they measure mental distress?

It makes sense to an extent but imo it's a bit like when we assume someone is completely healthy just cause they don't appear to have pre-existing health conditions. Lots of poor mental health can be really mild or hidden.
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Old 20th May 2020, 16:08
Dougella Dougella is offline
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Default Re: Most young people with increased suicide risk only display 'mild to moderate' men

^^ That's a good observation. Someone could be suffering from extreme distress or depression but not really expressing outwardly,or telling anyone or seeking help. That's when it gets really dangerous and people are more likely to succeed in trying to commit suicide unfortunately.

^ I would disagree, I would say that those people genuinely feel that their life is not worth living or that they can't see a reason to go on anymore, but they have lost the ability to see that things could still change. Usually there is a good chance that things can improve for someone even if they seem to have reached the lowest point in their life.
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Old 20th May 2020, 18:50
Consolida Consolida is offline
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Default Re: Most young people with increased suicide risk only display 'mild to moderate' men

Interesting article Firemonkey.

It doesn't surprise me that a moderate degree of stress experienced over a period of time is as dangerous to someones well being as it is to be suffering with the distress of a full blown psychiatric disorder. Too often someone's family, friends and colleagues say after their suicide "But we had absolutely no idea, they seemed fine, happy even".

I don't think every person who commits suicide should be labelled as mentally unstable and incapable of seeing things clearly or rationally. Maybe some people's day to day life is just so generally meh that they simply can't be arsed to drag their life out to its natural end in the hope that things might slightly improve?

Either way, for whatever reason, when someone takes their life it's still desperately sad especially for the people they leave behind
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Old 21st May 2020, 11:45
Golz Golz is offline
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Default Re: Most young people with increased suicide risk only display 'mild to moderate' men

Makes some sense, mild or moderate isn't taken seriously by the majority, often dismissed by health worker or given the waiting lists that are in years and likely too hidden for 'close contacts' to be able to really tell that anything is that badly wrong. While the little differences make them a prime target for bullying and rejection for being 'weird' just like those with 'major' issues.

Sure my opinion is biased but that's the only experiences I've had, repeatedly in different settings so I can see it. Having been at the low enough point to really think about it before, it was only the emotional aspect that prevented it (hurting my family, aka the ones that'd suffer most have been the only ones good to me). I actually can't see the value of prevention services, no chat with a stranger would make any difference if it's not an emotional reaction to reach that point. Especially not for someone who dislikes social interactions on average. It was more like a logical conclusion that it won't get any better, must be about a decade later for myself, I wasn't wrong on average.

There's a category of those that I don't get though, mild enough to be accepted by society yet still get mentally worked up by something to that point. Which is the problem with my biased opinion and ^^^ view too.
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