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Old 1st February 2012, 11:10
SamTheAmerican SamTheAmerican is offline
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Default Banned?

Using chatzilla, followed the directions on this forum.
Says I'm banned, not sure why if it's correct but I suspect it's a glitch. Help me out please!
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Old 1st February 2012, 17:27
AAAli AAAli is offline
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Default Re: Banned?

Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting into chat, could you please post or PM me the username you used to connect to chat? Thanks
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Old 21st November 2012, 05:21
metamorphosis metamorphosis is offline
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Default Re: Banned?

I've had issues with that at different forums. Usually its one of 20 things. BTW none of these pertain to SAUK. You've treated me well for 2 weeks!
1.) It's late at night and the ghetto forum mod. is to lazy to type anything. So a message just pops up saying, you can't register, vote, or even visit this forum. So, if your like me,. Your stubborn and you try to register like 3 more times. Now you're not banned till the morning. You are a permanent ban. a menace to a forum that has no stock in itself. These are the forums you probably wouldn't want to be a part of.
2.) Back in the day you registered at the forum, got a cool screen name and went on their twice. now 6 yrs later you stumble upon it again and it seems vaguely familiar. like many of the forums tend to. If you have my memory, then your pretty much in the dark and try to register. If you happen to use only a few screen names like i do. If you type the right one in it recognizes you but you have no clue what the password is. After 20 attempts and looking at old scrapes of paper around your computer. It becomes a fruitless endeavor. So, it's easy they are going to send a password to an e-mail account that you closed 6 yrs earlier. Now you either have to try to re-register. With that unnecessary feeling that you are breaking some internet law. And/or they treat you like some sort of covert spy. For who knows what reason unless your on a shady site.
3.) Try not to cuss at the mods. because most of them don't have 'that quirky sense of humor". Treat everyone with respect. Obey all forum rules and procedures. Don't troll or at least just hang in the shadows cause we can have some trouble with communicating on the board. And that can take time.
Finally if all else fails, e-mail or pm the powers that be and tell them what's up. If it's a good site and you haven't done anything egregious. Things should be able to iron themselves out.

Now, please I am ready to be a mod!!! I mean you can't give much better, generic advice then that. Read your rules and regs.!!!
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