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Old 18th October 2005, 09:39
albatros albatros is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
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Default Mind

Hello all,

I hope you are all doing ok.

I still havnt arranged an appointment with a therapisyt yet which I need to do!!!!

Ive got worries going through my head- like will my mind ever become normal again- as I ve had a mental breakdown.

I guess these worries I should speak to a therapist about as they are the prefesionals.

There are reasons why Im worried about seeing therapist- which I dont wnat to go into details about now- but I guess I need t se one- the state Im in- just to be able to share all my htoughts and worries with and perhaps I will get some treassurance or something.

As I say Ive been worrying taht because Ive has a mnetal breakdown few months back- Im worried that mind will never go back to normal etc etc. Will it?

Anyway take care everyone,

Be happy,

Old 18th October 2005, 14:17
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Default Re: Mind

Hi albatros I just wanted to let you know that your mind can heal and return to normal, I had a break down when I was 15, ended up in hospital, was in a pretty bad way, but they fixed me and they can fix you too, just reach out and tell somebody so you can get the help you need, I know it's frightening but you have to make the first step on your road to recovery.
Keep posting and let us know how your going
Old 18th October 2005, 15:32
Hoople Hoople is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Sheffield
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Default Re: Mind

What happens to your mind when you have a 'breakdown'? I mean i've had big problems in my life and been phobic, anxiious, depressed, avoidant, etc, etc and haven't been able to cope with jobs (told i'm 'unfit' for work) but I woudn't say i've ever had a 'breakdown' as such. Do you feel as tho you are incredibly different to your 'self' prior to a breakdown. I'm just curious really.
Old 18th October 2005, 17:26
vondasal vondasal is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 32
Default Re: Mind

Hi Albatros,a Frind Of Mine Had A Similar Situation To Yours He Is Now Married With 2 Sons.he Tried To Commit Suicide And Was Under The Therapist For About 18 Months.he Grew Stronger And More Positive The Change Was Took A While,but He Got Help And Support And Came Through The Other Side.i Wont Say It Is Easy But Think Possitive And Get The Help It Will Change Yoyr Is A Long Process But Asking For Help And Taking The First Initial Step Means You Want To Get Better.good Luck And I Hope You Find What You Are Looking For.
Old 18th October 2005, 17:27
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Default Re: Mind

Good question Hoople - I was going to ask much the same - how does one know that one is having a 'breakdown' and how is it different from the ususal periods of not being able to get out of bed, extreme depressions etc etc? Essentially what specifically happens that defines it as a 'breakdown'?

Old 26th October 2005, 13:51
hardy hardy is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: oxford uk
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Default Re: Mind

Its a bit hard to define .Its usually a bit like a sudden attack of total avoidance and deppresion and panic all at once. Its fairly obviuos when it happens to a none Saer but for an SAer it can look like a severe case of more of the same symptoms you "normally " have .
Old 18th November 2005, 18:14
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Default Re: Mind

You will know if you've had a "breakdown".Like Hardy explains.It's like your worst nightmare happening.When I had mine it felt like I lost control of my mind and went insane.It's like when you go past breaking point and your body cannot cope with the amount of stress it's under
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