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Old 19th January 2019, 15:31
Bippyone Bippyone is offline
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Default Getting by day to day

Hi, I find getting by day to day the biggest challenge. I have my positive and negative days. On my positive days I will actually walk to my town center and do some shopping or keep an appointment. On my negative days I stay home and just sit.

I am hoping and it is a big hope to go to exercise classes at my local sports center. Next week. But whether I will be able to find the courage I don't know.

Today has been a fairly positive day in that I've washed my dishes and done my washing. Yesterday I went out to keep an appointment. Bought some new glasses. The day before I walked to my town center and did some shopping.

I wondered how people coped on their negative days? What is the best thing to do. I am looking to see my psychiatrist when she comes back from holiday and maybe get an anti depressant.

I would like to put an image on here from my documents but it isn't giving me the option.

Anyone who finds drawing or painting or writing helpful please let me know?

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Old 7th February 2019, 09:33
Hazel Hazel is offline
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Default Re: Getting by day to day

Hi Bippyone, sounds familiar what you describe. I used to get really angry with myself on bad days "Stop being so stupid. Just get out there! Stop feeling sorry for yourself" that kind of stuff, which obviously didn't help and made everything worse.
Now I try to accept it and be ok with it. I will always have bad days, where I can't get out of bed, or cry for hours, sleep a lot. Beating myself up about it won't help and I know giving myself a peptalk of "Snap out of it" won't make me do anything either.

Sometimes i can switch of my brain, go on autopilot and just go for walk. Sometimes it makes me better, sometimes i turn around after 10 minutes to crawl back into bed.

Go with what you feel with, hot bath, watching TV, reading, listening to music, drawing, or even just starring out of the window or up the ceiling.
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Old 9th February 2019, 03:00
Austere_Lemur Austere_Lemur is offline
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Default Re: Getting by day to day

Don't downplay the positive things of 'little' things like doing dishes or changing your bedding. These things might seem trivial, but they can make you feel so good when you achieve them. I know, especially, what it feels like when you're down in a rut and you do jack-all. So when you accomplish these things, it makes you feel on top of the world! Little by little! Doing these kinds of chores can make you feel on top of the world - the key is to try and capitalise on them! When it gives you a boost to your confidence and allows you to go out there in the world and do things like go the shop. You go!
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