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Old 20th October 2005, 01:02
albatros albatros is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
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Default Mind !!!

Hi guys I hope you are all well,

Just wnated to share some thoughts again, as important for me to do so at the moment.

Just been thinking things again like-' i really dont wnat to be carrying on with my life/living if my mind is not going ot be working properly- which it isnt- since my breakdown!!!!

Just finding it hard to think of thinsg to say with ppl- which before breakdown was not a problem. etc etc. ITs just not working normally or properly like it always was working and just been thinking things like i dont wnat to live if its not going to function proprly( as I mentioned above).

Anyway thnaks for listening guys!!

Be happy!!

Old 20th October 2005, 08:51
Jessie Phillips Jessie Phillips is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: deep brook
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Default Re: Mind !!!

yeah you're always welcome to share.

Hope you won't be offended if I ask more questions though.

Do you feel as though anything built up to this?

I appreciate that it was much easier to talk with people before the breakdown - but were there any topics that were still off-limits, even then? Was there anything on your mind at the time, which you felt was too taboo, or too embarrassing to talk about?

You don't have to answer - and even if it's a yes, you don't have to say what it was. But - whatever it was, do you feel as though you still can't talk about that thing now? Or has it become easier?

I hope that getting you to think about stuff is helpful, but I apologise if it isn't, because it's not my only motive. My other motive is that I don't want the bad things that have happened to you to happen to me or any of the people around me - so that's why I'm trying to dig for the early warning signs.

If you can't cope with this, then what are the rest of us going to do if it also happens to us? But if you can cope, then that's good news for the rest of us. So I'd like to know how you're doing it. For that reason I'd very much appreciate it if you could carry on posting what's on your mind. Thanks.
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