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Old 23rd May 2019, 18:40
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Default Re: RIP Natasha Abrahart

^ Very nicely put.
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Old 24th May 2019, 06:41
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Default Re: RIP Natasha Abrahart

Very sad but doesn't surprise me. Back when my SA kicked off in 99 I went to my docs they threw antidepressants at me which I was too scared to take for the exact reason as has happened here, I was referred to CBT I'm still waiting 20 years later. Luckily I am 90% better and this stage thanks to self-help books and time, time really is a great healer. But yeah that's the quality of service you get on the NHS
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Old 24th May 2019, 07:41
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Default Re: RIP Natasha Abrahart

It has to be said the quality varies across the UK. Here in Wiltshire it took one appointment with a pdoc in October 2018 for a referral for an autism assessment to be made. By mid May 2019 I had a diagnosis.

That contrasts with the incompetents in Essex who never took me seriously when I raised the subject. They also had no idea of how badly I was coping . I get much more support here than I ever got in Essex.

Yes a lot of it is due to being near my stepdaughter and having her in my corner. Having said that good mental health care shouldn't be dependant on having family/stepfamily in your corner . For some that is not possible, and as a result they get substandard help and treatment.
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