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Old 23rd February 2019, 16:39
scarlettgirl scarlettgirl is offline
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Default Re: Do you think SA and unattractiveness are linked?

I used to think they were linked completely, but now I don't think so at all.

I was an ugly duckling child, and sure it did nothing for my confidence, but I know for a fact I was always anxious even before that realisation. Nothing anyone could have told me, whether they said I was pretty or not, could have changed that mindset.

As I get older I don't see attraction to others on an entirely physical level. Its true what they say; a smile works wonders, or just keeping yourself clean and smart helps a ton. I have always found charisma and confidence attractive in others, and I guess its hard to have that when you're socially anxious, so I suppose SA could make someone unattractive in that way?
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Old 26th February 2019, 00:31
Kipper Kipper is offline
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Default Re: Do you think SA and unattractiveness are linked?

Perhaps yes, SA could make you unattractive to some. Conversely others can find it quite an attractive trait particularly those who find that shyness and SA in others can bring out their protective instincts.
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