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Old 13th July 2019, 22:35
skittles88 skittles88 is offline
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Default Re: The Suicide Thread - Trigger Warning

not sure i can be bothered with medication or mental health team now, everything seems pointless
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Old 13th July 2019, 23:18
Chess&Junkfood Chess&Junkfood is offline
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Default Re: The Suicide Thread - Trigger Warning

Iím really sorry to hear how you are feeling Skittles. There are many times on the forum, like now for example, where I wish I was able to give better advice. One thing though that I have found helpful when Iím not feeling my best, is that I try to manage my time as much as possible. So if a week becomes difficult for me to deal with, I then just focus on a day. To the point where I sometimes just focus on the hour of that day. Then I try my best to fill that time in feeling better. I also try reminding myself that I know Iím not feeling great right now, but I also remind myself of the times when I have felt better. So what I do, I remind myself of an analogy. Like for example, when I deposit some money into a savings account, I realise I won't be seeing the interest of that money right away. So when I invest some energy in trying to make myself feel better, I remind myself that it will take time to see the results of that energy investment. But if I keep investing that energy in improving how I feel, then hopefully that energy will accumulate in time. Where I will then hopefully start to remember what it is like to feel better than I was.

I also hope you will continue to reach out for support! And always remember, you are just as important as anyone else! So please take care of yourself!
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Old 14th July 2019, 10:18
Midlife Bookworm Midlife Bookworm is offline
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Default Re: The Suicide Thread - Trigger Warning

Sending good thoughts your way skittles. One of the reasons that the perception of people with mental health issues having an easy time with their feet up really "grinds my gears" is that struggling to get anything done is a difficult battle every day. There are lots of others fighting away too so please don't feel you are suffering alone. Although it only have a modest effect I find following sites with positive advice or affirmations on Instagram (or in the past, on Facebook) can be quite helpful. My OT recently advised me to put together a "mental health first aid kit" which was quite a fun project for me too - no, of course it didn't solve the problem, but things like aromatherapy rollerballs can provide a few minutes of much-needed distraction and break a mental pattern.

My own first aid kit consists of :-

Calm phone app bedtime stories/ meditations
Aromatherapy rollerballs and pillow mist
Candles/ regular aromatherapy with tea lights
Classic DVDs ***8211; Casabalanca, Roman Holiday, Amelie
Create a comfort playlist on Spotify
Journal by typing a word document w/ password
Herbal tea (cherry bakewell)
Phone call to Breathing Space if feeling very low (Breathing Space is a Scottish helpline a bit like The Samaritans but you don't need to be in crisis to use it).
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