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Old 8th March 2016, 18:21
ambroze ambroze is offline
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Default Small breakthrough

Been putting off going to a local garage in my home town as an old bitchy colleague works in there - but I had no choice today as was on empty in the countryside. Filled up at pump number 1. Went in, fumbling for money as approaching the til, and there she was, looking angry and miffed as ever. I smiled. She stared. I opened my mouth and the words "numberwumber....wumberwun....... er... please" came out.
It's as though it happened in slow motion whilst I was saying in my head 'why can't you control your mouth!?!'

I quickly exited.

However, 10 years ago, I'd have been mortified for ages, kicking myself, analysing, postmorteming, feeling sick, ashamed...but all I could do was sit in my car and grin like a weirdo and chuckle. The worst case scenario happened that I'd predicted (self fulfilling prophecy?)....and I just thought....feck it...who cares! Was definately a break through.

Who actually cares? Why did I give her so much power in the past? Pointless.
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Old 9th March 2016, 08:03
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Default Re: Small breakthrough

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Old 9th March 2016, 08:07
newbs16 newbs16 is offline
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Default Re: Small breakthrough

This is great, feck the miserable Cow
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Old 9th March 2016, 08:29
Cognitive Cognitive is offline
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Default Re: Small breakthrough

Spartan moves mate
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Old 7th April 2016, 08:52
ladylou ladylou is offline
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Default Re: Small breakthrough

You did great! I know how that feels seeing ex colleagues that were mean so I can relate, you're like my hero! :D
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