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Old 9th October 2017, 18:21
Shareen1911 Shareen1911 is offline
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Default Hi Iím a newbie!!

Hi, Iím very new to this and a little scared if Iím honest! Iím at a stage in my life where my children are older and more independent and my work life has taken a dramatic u turn and no longer work such long hours! I now have time and I donít think thatís a good thing for me! The first time I noticed I had anxiety was a few years ago I spoke to my dr who dismissed it and said we all have some anxiety, so left me feeling kinda stupid for even mentioning it! Over the years itís got worse, over time I have developed a really bad tremor in my hands...usually when I feel like Iím being looked at or judged for something Iím doing! I then over analise everything I did or said and question what must they think of me...The tremor is the worst part of anxiety for me because itís a physical thing! Most aspects I manage to deal with, or disguise, although over time itís getting worse! My husband works long hours and weekends so when I now have free time and the kids are off doing their thing Iím home alone and wish I could get out and do something!
Iíve lost 4 stone over the past year and would still like to lose 1.5 stone! Itís crazy but I still see my old self and canít accept what Iíve achieved!
I hope to find some support on this forum, tools you use to deal with anything Iíve mentioned above! Iím at the point now where I have written all this down and have made an appointment at the dr because I feel exhausted and donít want to live my life like this anymore!
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Old 9th October 2017, 19:29
man afraid of his horses man afraid of his horses is offline
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Default Re: Hi Iím a newbie!!

Hello welcome to the forum!
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Old 9th October 2017, 21:26
Indigo_ Indigo_ is offline
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Default Re: Hi Iím a newbie!!

Welcome to the forum
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Old 9th October 2017, 21:46
jay1234 jay1234 is offline
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Default Re: Hi Iím a newbie!!

Hi, welcome!
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Old 10th October 2017, 10:47
LoubyLou LoubyLou is offline
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Default Re: Hi Iím a newbie!!

Hello, welcome
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Old 16th October 2017, 00:51
Kipper Kipper is offline
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Default Re: Hi Iím a newbie!!

Welcome Shareen, I hope that you find the group to be a great support and comfort to you. It's so good to know that whatever horrible feelings you may be experiencing at any one time, there are others going through them as well. Truly you are not alone! The physical feelings linked with S.A. are the worst, I agree. It's that fear of being judged negatively by others that produces the andrenaline that feeds the fear that keeps them going! Try to accept as many of the physical feelings as you can and carry on with them there. Which as we all know sounds simple but is difficult to do! But with the support offered by the wonderful members of this group I truly believe you will at the very least feel a sense of relief and release.
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Old 20th October 2017, 16:56
Steve_t1 Steve_t1 is offline
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Default Re: Hi Iím a newbie!!

Hi Shareen, I can relate to your situation a little. Our only Son left home some 12 years ago and although we do hear from him regularly he lives far away and we don't get to see him much. I just retired as well (early retirement at 61) and suddenly, although I didn't really enjoy working, it has left a big hole in my life and I just seem to drift through each day without much purpose. My wife is also at home but has always been happy to stay in, watch tv and do little else. Although my SA is quite limiting, I really feel the need to socialise and yet get little opportunity now that I no longer work. I really hope that you find a new purpose to keep you going as I have found it a bit of a shock to actually miss something I never really enjoyed at the time! Very best wishes and hopefully you will enjoy the SA Forums here. Take care..Steve

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Old 13th November 2017, 12:38
J-Dog J-Dog is offline
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Default Re: Hi Iím a newbie!!


Have you tried joining a local meetup group or something like that? Could be way to fill some of that extra time you now have.
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