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Old 19th August 2019, 23:09
joklend joklend is offline
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Default Send an SOS to the world...

Hi all. I've known this board for a while and posted briefly a few years ago under a different log in. It strikes me how eloquent people are in expressing themselves here. Some posts can be quite heartbreaking in their detail.

I was diagnosed professionally with social anxiety in 2011 after a particularly bad spell of depression. I'm now 31 and since then I've had relationships and friendships, experienced new things, but the anxiety hasn't left. People are odd. When I'm quiet, I get mocked for not talking. When I talk, often no-one talks back. People who do often disappear. After a while you realise that you need to be your own best friend. You need to play by your own means. I've been seen as self-centred for this reason, but it's just survival.

I have an MSc in Town Planning but my anxiety has held back my career. Companies are all too great playing their PR cards to support mental health but when it gets to the crux of it they just don't want to know. Regardless, I'm starting a new temp role shortly in the civil service in two weeks, hopefully it goes well. And I've got two weeks to sit back and take it easy.

I'm here to make connections and chat. Anyone. DMs are open, etc.
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Old 20th August 2019, 00:20
Bluebear Bluebear is offline
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Default Re: Send an SOS to the world...

Welcome joklend
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Old 20th August 2019, 08:39
AireleeBray AireleeBray is offline
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Default Re: Send an SOS to the world...

I haven't made any irl friendships as a adult & have decided it's ok to be my own best friend, i agree for survival.

I hope the forum helps you
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Old 20th August 2019, 19:03
Utopia Utopia is offline
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Default Re: Send an SOS to the world...

Hi, nice to meet you. I will be studying a masters degree part time and will be looking for jobs around that but tbh my mental health is my top priority right now. I can always apply for these schemes this year and see if I feel up to it, but I struggle with relationships; you can be as intelligent as you want but if you were born inept with people, it puts you at an even worse disadvantage. I've been working hard on this last point, but given my terribly low mood lately it's been difficult to not to get frustrated with people at times.

Anyway, I keep telling myself I'm different but it's not necessarily that bad in some regards, and is actually a sign of some good traits such as being naturally quite intelligent and able to come to my own conclusions about things. Most people don't understand me, I've always done my own thing rather than gone with the group -- and if I'm naturally like that, then this must make me quite intelligent to be able to survive on my own.
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Old 20th August 2019, 22:08
biscuits biscuits is online now
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Default Re: Send an SOS to the world...

When you plan your next town, please can you save a plot space for a Blockbusters? I miss Blockbusters.
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Old 22nd August 2019, 17:55
Mountainstream Mountainstream is offline
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Default Re: Send an SOS to the world...

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