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Old 28th September 2015, 21:52
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Default Inclusiveness


It's become necessary for us to clarify the moderation team's perspective on inclusiveness. Our current rule is as below.

Posts should be as inclusive as possible and not appear to exclude members of the board. To this end, we kindly ask that all users post in English and, where possible, use the PM feature for personal messages. Personal messages within threads may be deleted, at the Moderators' discretion, if they are deemed to exclude other members.
We do not believe threads which ask people to choose members for praise fall foul of this rule. We feel these can be a positive part of our community. However, it is important to bear in mind that publicly singling anyone out for praise (or criticism) can make them feel uncomfortable. Some people may also feel anxious about whether or not they will be picked or noticed and we ask people to be aware of this.

We have locked the old How is everyone feeling thread as it was getting pretty long anyway. It contains posts that come close to the edge of what is acceptable but feel that leaving the discussion up is important. If you want to carry on the debate, that's fine but can we ask people to treat each other with respect.

You are responsible for the words you post here. Think for a moment about the effect your words will have on other posters before you hit submit. Again, no topics are currently banned here, but it is only by showing some consideration toward your other board members that this policy will be workable. The fact that the mods exist to edit out a personal attack, for example, does not excuse you from making those attacks.
If you have any concerns that a thread/post is exclusive or breaks any other rules, please contact us with your concerns rather than airing them publicly. Thanks.
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