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Old 12th February 2015, 16:17
neilm neilm is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
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Default Re: Where are you in your recovery?

Stalled, for a while now.

Neither going forwards nor backwards really.

Oh well things could be a lot worse.......
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Old 30th July 2015, 13:06
Progress Progress is offline
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Default Re: Where are you in your recovery?

I'm in an interesting place at the moment.
I'd been self employed for a long time and was able to work on my own virtually all the time and avoided people way too much. Due to various reasons that work was drying up so I was forced to look for employment but I hated the idea because I loved what I was doing and loved being self employed.
Anyway, I got a job back in March. It took a while to adjust physically because I'd been quite ill with the stress, but I was OK within a few weeks. The job involves dealing with people all the time, both fellow staff and the public. Over the last few years I've learnt to socialise fairly well and this job has been really good for me, I feel completely at ease dealing with people in all kinds of situations, but in proper social situations I'm still a bit uncomfortable.
I'd isolated myself for so many years and it wasn't good for me. I didn't want to get this job but in many ways it's been one of the best things that's happened. I feel good and feel very optimistic and confident.
I actually don't have the things in life I want, the job's not what I want and very low paid and I'm single, but despite that I'm feeling OK at the moment. The job is only temporary so will end in a few months, I'll just have to see what happens then...
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Old 14th July 2017, 21:55
affluenza affluenza is offline
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Default Re: Where are you in your recovery?

I need to have a think about this. Everyone's sa is different and mine is very different to many.
I've improved at supermarkets since having to force myself to get shopping every week. But I avoid peak times as not my cup of tea.
My Saturday 'O' Phobia- having a mon-fri job has forced me to make better use of Saturdays. I mostly have Sundays as my day out, but from complete black-out on a Saturday I now have used it a bit more, but still more way to go slowly.

No longer catching buses and having to go through the town has maybe reversed me a bit. You get hooked on your comfort zones when you have a car.

Social wise at work. Avoid pub outings as too many in a group for me, but get on relatively well with people.

Women: still quite shy around but make some friendly chat with woman at work.
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Old 15th July 2017, 05:07
silenus silenus is offline
Banned at own request
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Default Re: Where are you in your recovery?

Symptoms of anxiety are much improved.

Social ineptitude and avoidance are as bad as ever.
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Old 22nd August 2017, 17:57
steph26 steph26 is offline
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Location: NI, UK
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Default Re: Where are you in your recovery?

What happens with me is I hit rock bottom as I did earlier this summer, then I try hard again to make things happen. It just nothing seems to last, every time I think I've found something it always eventually turns to dust.
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