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Old 1st October 2017, 11:01
KevvyG KevvyG is offline
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Default Depression and SA

Hi all,

My first posting, and I'm after some generic advice, as I'm not sure where to turn to. I hope someone can help!

I have been suffering from depression for several years, and have attended countless CBT and counciling sessions, none of which seem to help (and can make matters worse!). My GP has stated that there is no more that she can do for me.
Because of the depression it has become more and more difficult to see friends (most of whom are unaware of my depression), or to do anything in public - I can burst into tears at the slightest thing. This can happen in concerts, the supermarket or on public transport. Thus I am becoming more and more withdrawn, and have now stopped seeing my friends / going out.
In light of the response from GP, and the failure of talking therapies, can anyone recommend any other course of treatment / any organisations I can turn to etc etc?
I really am very unsure where to turn to next!
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Old 1st October 2017, 11:10
Clementine Clementine is offline
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Default Re: Depression and SA

Hi and welcome

I feel like I'm in a similar position, you're offered so much and then abandoned, or at least that's how it can feel. If CBT doesn't work then nobody seems to know what to do with us.

Are you on medication? Would paying for some more intensive private therapy be an option? There are a lot of self help books you could try working through.
I really wish I could help more but I don't really know what I need either. You're not alone though.
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Old 1st October 2017, 14:28
KevvyG KevvyG is offline
Join Date: Sep 2017
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Default Re: Depression and SA

Hi Clementine!

Thanks for reply. Your opening sentence sums it up perfectly!! Kind of nice to know I'm not the only one feeling like this, although wouldn't wish it on anyone neddless to say!
Not curently on medication. tried a couple of years ago and it didn't seem to make a difference, and GP hasn't suggested it again. And I struggle with anything self-help because I am so isolated - I feel I need someone to support me.
I will look into private therapy, although haven't really got a clue where to start to be honest. After a session of counciling dug up all sorts of stuff from my past, and made me feel a lot worse, I am not naturally very worried about doing anything that could be detrimental.
But thanks for all your suggestions!
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Old 13th October 2017, 16:17
lynella lynella is offline
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Default Re: Depression and SA

Hi there
Im new too. Are you able to contact your local mental health team? As yet, I dont know how that works. If you explain and perhaps somehow try find a way to get some kind of a support worker to turn to. I dont know if a person can (without the help of a GP) or cant or anything about this but just an idea. Or perhaps Adult Social Services? You cant be left high and dry and isolated. I am in an isolated situation now due to SA and when I go talk to my GP about this I am really hoping I can get into see the mental health team and not send me to some talking therapy. Its human support we need. Just one person I feel that we can call in a crisis or to get help, advice, practical help. Like a social worker or a support worker. As I said I dont know anything about this but maybe someone in this Forum will know or have experience with this.
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Old 14th November 2017, 17:23
michelew michelew is offline
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Default Re: Depression and SA

I am new to this website and am scrolling through the welcome board, your message struck a chord with me. I generally don't burst in to tears because I bottle everything up inside. I do suffer from depression as well as anxiety - not just in social situations but if I have to go anywhere / do anything different.

Have you managed to get any responses that help you find a way to improve the quality of your life? I hope so...
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