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I enjoy writing and am seeking to clarify my thoughts, feelings and internal process.
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Rest and reboot

Posted 4th June 2014 at 09:03 by Star Rainbow

Sunday I could barely move all day. All the excitement, overstimulation and emotional drama of the week, well it corpsed me and I surrendered. There's a difference between deciding to take a rest day as prevention/maintenance and having a day of enforced shut-down that I don't have control over.

Thankfully I didnt mentally resist, in the past, such episodes trigger mind-fear and alarm, what if I'm broken and can't recover my energy? What did I (or anyone else) do wrong to cause this to happen? I would often experience junk food cravings too, the mind again trying to escape its self-created torment.

But somehow, yesterday I was dwelling in deep acceptance, not fear, and this morning revisiting the day, there is a kindling of self-compassion. The true nurture that bad food was always a poor substitute for.

This morning, I'm not daisy-fresh, but I am mostly revived and feel I can continue my day as planned. Visit the spring to collect water, Whole food store trip (best to go in the morning because afternoons are basically a social hang-out and I should prob continue to be conservative with my energy). Afternoon outdoor swim. Peaceful evening, maybe a movie (at home).

Thanks for reading
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