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Walking for pleasure(part 26)

Posted 16th August 2014 at 19:49 by indigo777

So today I got called a C**t. No I did not do anything wrong. This was just walking along the canal in a place I have been many times before. If you are alone and a gang of yobbos decide they are in the mood then its obligatory for scumbags to insult you. It only happens in gangs as they would be too cowardly to say anything if its one on one and usually after they have well passed you. At least they did not take the piss out of how I looked or walked which may have made my paranoia worse.

I wonder if there is something else going on though. I have felt very down and depressed lately. I wonder if this gives off signals in body language that attracts scumbags in the same way as a wounded animal attracts predators. The only time I got attacked I was feeling very depressed and as I felt jumpy for a couple of weeks afterwards got shouted abuse at again but then almost nothing for 2 years.

It makes me want to take a weapon when out walking but of course the police dont care and the victim is often arrested for simply fighting back. Actually this whole thing reminds me a lot of SA. You do things that go wrong and then your confidence is dented and you get worse. Conclusion;walking for mental health and happiness does not always work if you live in a complete shithole.
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    honestly some people are pure scum....well they are the ones with the problem believe me....anyone who feels the need to put someone else down for no reason at all has serious problems...they were probably drunk or drugged up and as hard as it is dont take it personally. But yes I think you may have a point as all the times people have made me jump by shouting out of car windows, I was in a day dream or looking down. Would going out listening to music on earphones help at all as a distraction? Sorry this happened to you, it has happened to me too dont let it get you down
    Posted 17th August 2014 at 22:47 by Silver Silver is offline
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    Thanks silver,

    I often do listen to music, wear sunglasses and wear a peak cap. I sometimes feel like I need a tank.I think now. its mostly young ignorant males who only say something in a group to sort of prove themselves to the others like some sort of latent chimpanzee alpha male behavior. Despite its probably always the best thing to walk on I still have an urge to go back, find him and attack. It makes me jumpy every time I see a group of people.Why should lone people just out for a walk have to put up with that?
    Posted 18th August 2014 at 11:53 by indigo777 indigo777 is offline

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