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Inactivity due to Depression and Anxiety

Posted 27th September 2016 at 13:49 by indigo777

[B]Inactivity: A vicious cycle can develop in which you feel depressed, and then become less active (you don’t feel like doing anything). The less active you are, the more depressed you feel. If you’re having difficulty breaking out of this cycle, write out a daily schedule by the hour or even half-hour of what you will do when, and then stick to it. This will seem very difficult at first, but it’s enormously useful. Schedule a few walks around the neighbourhood or a nearby park. Exercise is a great depression buster. [/B]

This is very true and has definitely happened to me over the last few years. I sometimes feel very much better if I have a good day out as I did towards the end of last week. However writing out a daily schedule is not even something I have any concept of doing. Do I invent things to do just to keep busy,like polishing shelves at 2.30, cleaning the microwave at 2.45? Pick my nose at 3.00pm.As I dont work there are lots of hours to fill. When depressed even watching the TV or listening to music has very little benefit. Walking around my neighbourhood often increases stress and anxiety as its a shit neighbourhood and I live in a city and I have been waking around it for years. Demanding it helps just because it obviously does for some people does not help me. The idea that walking along busy streets is a depression buster is completely crap and no more enjoyable that shopping at the supermarket which I also hate and find stressful. This is probably worse after I got punched in the face once though.
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  1. Old Comment

    try meditation

    the best way, or course the HOW is the best part..
    like taking a walk- or bringing it into a daily schedule. It can be fun and easy like learning to ride a bike if you want to really know how. It was a real gift for me when social anxiety got real bad for me, it was a way to ask for help, and find it, but also, it became therapeutic. You can move past a feeling or experience if you really want to you can help yourself and allowing healing to comfort you, which is what we all need.
    If you really want to try something first then here try this..
    Ask yourself to do something you cannot do with your body, but you can do with your mind, like, picture yourself on top of a mountain, be there stay there, sit there. Like pretend you are there and let the wind and highness take you up higher even as high as the moon. Take a minute and come back do you feel happy or sad or want to take a walk now? Tired hungry, lonely, bored? Answer this question.. take a deep breath in and out, paying attention to which way it is going. Let that feeling or sensation be your mountain and smile
    Posted 30th September 2016 at 18:51 by meditatemarissa meditatemarissa is offline
  2. Old Comment
    The biggest problem I find with meditation is lack of quiet as I can get none at home,even sitting in the garden. In fact I have never ever gotten anything from trying to meditate except frustration as it does not work for me ever. if I imagine myself at the top of a mountain or anywhere else I see nothing and feel nothing and then get angry that others can and I cant.
    Posted 3rd October 2016 at 22:33 by indigo777 indigo777 is offline

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