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Feeling like a forgettable, unlikeable person

Posted 28th May 2018 at 23:59 by Amara 94

As some of you may know, I was upset that this birthday on my FB only a few friends responded Happy Birthday to me. My sister brought a cake for her friend but nothing for me.

This upset me cause it made me think of some likeable people who would probably get presents from friends and wouldn't have their birthday forgotten.

It also made me think of work, the jobs I have had and the social experiences that I have had. For example, most jobs I have had I never seem able to bond with colleagues. I have been called boring at College and also at School. And then also had it signalled if it wasn't said by being the last person someone would choose to hang out with and then if I got on with a classmate one on one, in a group situation he would pretend to not really be my friend. This current job I would say that I have one person I get on with, even my manager finds it hard to talk to me.

About being forgettable, this thought came to mind as I feel most people probably don't have anything to remember me by. I notice at work, there is I've guy I think is mildly autistic, workers found him socially awkward at first but he knows multiple languages and seems to small talk with colleagues through speaking a bit of their language. I don't feel I have any notified talents, certainly some skills that come more naturally to me though. I am interested in learning different things.

I also felt that I might come across greedy as when I want to do or learn something that thing becomes top priority. My anxiety and avoidance must have made some people think I am careless since I avoid them.

Rationally though, most people aren't super likeable, neither do they have talents that stand out. Also I felt even if I come across as greedy it can also be an advantage to be keen about learning something I am passionate about. So I don't feel I am changing that aspect of myself.

Idk, maybe I have to meet more people similar to me with similar interests, idk though. Also I feel this experience showed that I shouldn't be looking on Facebook or even most of online for friends, I need to connect more with people in real life.

Maybe I can show that I care more about others but honestly I don't have evil thoughts about anyone neither do I wish evil on anyone so I know that these thoughts that I am careless are false.
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    anxiouslondoner's Avatar
    Sorry to hear you feel like this. You seem likeable on here with some interesting, thoughtful posts.
    Posted 29th May 2018 at 02:17 by anxiouslondoner anxiouslondoner is offline

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