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Is SA partly a Self Fulfilling Prophecy and a few thoughts on work?

Posted 27th August 2014 at 20:49 by iTz0kt0Bu

I have known for a long time that I don't share some of the "common interests" that my peers seem to share. I think this has partly contributed to my anxiety as I thought that my lack of knowledge in certain aspects of popular/media culture was something to hide out of shame. I have recently been a bit more open about the fact I haven't watched some films or sports that a "typical" 20 year old would have. I've never watched Matrix or Wrestling.

Yesterday an 18 year old boy on work experience at my office got lunch with me. He asked me "Have you been to a rave?"
I said "No."
He acted surprised and responded repeatedly "Your 20 and haven't been to a rave."
To be honest, for once I didn't feel that embarrassed for something that any "non socially awkward" person my age would have done. At the end of the day why should not going to parties be a big deal, although I do know that would pose questions about how "socially awkward" I am.

But then being a bit more open about the fact that I lack some popular culture knowledge hasn't been pleasant but does answer a bit as to what causes me anxiety and why I have found it hard to connect with others. It makes me feel like Social anxiety is a self fulfilling prophecy for me. Because to be honest I can think rationally like most people, I feel emotions like other people so I don't see why I should be treated differently to anyone, it's like I am misjudged for anxiety and lack of social experience. It is like I have been told how to act by being treated as if I am different to others.

To be honest, this topic of the Self Fufilling Prophecy makes me think of work. The boss must think I am weird cause of how I have refused the apprenticeship offer twice. To be honest, I have refused it twice as I don't feel I want to do the job really but then also find it hard to be open about that as I know a job is hard to get. I have recently been thinking about work, I feel I can stick with my job despite finding it mind numbingly boring. But to be fair I am learning on the job so an apprenticeship does make sense, but I feel the job should have been advertised as an apprenticeship. And I don't feel I want to do an apprenticeship that I have no interest in. I also don't have much knowledge on employment and all that is available though and, to be real, know getting another job would most likely take time.
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  1. Old Comment
    indiegirl1980's Avatar
    20 year olds still go to [I]raves[/I]?!
    I thought I was back in the late 80's/early 90's for a minute!
    Do they still play loads of Prodigy and Portishead and take loads of E?
    Posted 29th August 2014 at 20:09 by indiegirl1980 indiegirl1980 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    [QUOTE=indiegirl1980;bt18921]20 year olds still go to [I]raves[/I]?!
    I thought I was back in the late 80's/early 90's for a minute!
    Do they still play loads of Prodigy and Portishead and take loads of E?[/QUOTE]

    Well dance and electronic music is popular again. I don't hang around with that many peers though so am not fully familiar with the typical 20 year olds lifestyle.
    Posted 30th August 2014 at 11:32 by iTz0kt0Bu iTz0kt0Bu is offline

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