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Things Only People Who Suffered From Extreme Shyness Will Understand

Posted 15th September 2016 at 13:04 by indigo777

Yes, just for a change its one of those FUN quiz type things off of the internet.

[B]1) Family gatherings with anyone other than your immediate family were an absolute nightmare. [/B]
Yes I hid upstairs when relatives came round but as my parents were both nuts too that was only about once a year.

[B]2) You did absolutely EVERYTHING you could to avoid making or answering a phone call.[/B]
Again yes although i did get much better at work before the C**ts made me redundant.

[B]3) And even to this day, you’re still hesitant to answer a call. [/B]
Sort of but only because it may be something terrible. When I answer a call they are mostly cold calls trying to sell something.

[B]4) You can absolutely forget about calling the Pizza Delivery[/B]
Yeah, I've never ordered food EVER! These days its too expensive.

[B]5) You were always the last kid on holiday to join the ‘friendship group’ because you were too shy to say hello. [/B]
Hmm, must be an American thing. Never heard of it and we only went on a few family holidays and never spoke to any strangers.

[B]6) You absolutely DREADED the idea that you would get called on in class.[/B]
God, yes.One of the all time worst things.

[B]7) And you NEVER raised your hand in class in case the answer was wrong, even though it was 100% right. [/B]
True again, My maths went downhill fast because I never ever got help from the teacher. Never understood quadratic equations and calculus. She's dead now and her ashes on the local park with a memorial. I leave her a chocolate digestive sometimes as a symbolic gesture.

[B]8) You also tried to avoid any speaking responsibility in any presentation you ever had to make.[/B]
Speaking in front of the class was akin to public torture. It never got any better. In English we had to read one page of a book each aloud starting from the front of the class. As it got closer to me I prayed to God to kill me just so I wouldn't have to read.I meant it too.

[B]9) You never EVER went to the toilet in a restaurant without your mum when you were younger.[/B]
If you had anxious parents you never ever even went to a restaurant anyway! Actually I went to a cafe with my parents and sister on holiday once. The only family meal I have ever had not at home. Chips of course.

[B]10) And you were totally guilty of whispering your order in the restaurant to an adult and avoiding all eye contact with the waiter. [/B]
If we had of gone to restaurants its the sort of thing I would have done, probably. I always had trouble asking for things or ordering things in shops well into adulthood.

[B]11) Everyone always thought you were the quiet one, when in reality - you were the stand up comedian.[/B]
I dont even know what this means! Does it imply you were telling jokes in your head but not out loud? I was very sarcastic in my head, still am.

[B]12) But heaven forbid you're left in a one on one conversation with someone you barely know - aka your friends Mum!!![/B]
It didn't matter much when I was a kid, all these things still applies into adulthood. My friend left me with his girlfriend at the cinema once. Not a word was said. My fault of course as I am male. Its funny in these awkward situations I never get the one who speaks. Plenty of these situations when I was at work too, almost always with girls(funny how so many girls never seem to speak first! Perhaps shy men come across as weird and creepy!)

[B]13) Pretending you’re on the phone when you see someone in public? Yep, you’re still guilty of that one![/B]
I would but as I am so alone and devoid of all human contact I dont even have a mobile phone or in fact need one as I never need to speak to other humans and have no friends. I hardly leave the house either!

[B]14) You spent hours and hours thinking about hypothetical conversations so you knew what to say what the situation arose.[/B]
Still do! I often imagine the worst thing possible happening and then go into a full blown argument with this imaginary person in my head! We sometimes even have an imaginary fight! Bastard!

[B]15) Your flirting game has been diabolical since day one. [/B]
Yes, I'm actually a 97 year old virgin. Only once did a girl like me at work and when she tried to say hello I bottled it, looked away and avoided her for all her remaining time at work. It freaked me out so much that this girl expected me to chat her up and probably ask her out that I never even dare look at an attractive female ever again just in case she liked me back and expected me to speak!

[B]16) But the worst thing of all? The worst thing about growing up shy was having to answer this damn question every. single. time. "Why are you so shy?"[/B]
Actually I probably got asked "Why do you blush?” more as it was far more noticeable(unlike me!). I was mostly so avoidant and reclusive that nobody spoke to me unless they had to.
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