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Mum on assisted leave, moving out is for the best

Posted 21st July 2016 at 10:34 by Alone.

Yesterday my mum came home for a few hours. I had to meet her at the Hospital. It was unexpected as she called me to collect her. Anyway yesterday was an amplification of what I have been feeling, I need to move out in for my wellbeing.

I feel I have a lot of issues with my mum. The main issue I have is that she tries to look and appear super normal even when her illness is obvious. It's frustrating because it affects me and my sister. My mum should be on ESA because of her illness,...
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Pent up frustration (just saying what's on my mind)

Posted 11th July 2016 at 14:03 by Alone.

I believe I have bottled up anger and it doesn't feel healthy especially as I don't feel I do anything about feeling angry, feel it may lead to a heart attack or something. I was angry from yesterday afternoon, till this morning. A similar pattern of anger happened a few weeks ago. I was feeling so negative that doing one apprenticeship application was hard, I did end up doing one this morning though and the anger seems to have settled, I can't say that it has disappeared.

I read...
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A week living without my mum and what I'm thinking

Posted 10th July 2016 at 13:28 by Alone.

[I]The title makes me feel a bit like a child as it's pretty ordinary for an adult to live without their parents and although rarer, even happens to people younger than me.[/I]

To cut the story short last week Sunday my mum admitted herself into the mental hospital, she had done this before a few times but always came home before the next morning. This time, idk if she went to another hospital but she has been kept there while the staff asses her, they said that she may be kept there...
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Coping with Depression

Posted 17th June 2016 at 13:06 by indigo777

I have found it very frustrating to look up ways of coping for depression. Just as for anxiety much of it seems totally irrelevant or to be written by somebody who has never had it.

1. For depression they keep telling you to meet people talk to people and be with people. Ooops I am a weird loner and know virtually no one due to lifelong social anxiety which is the main cause of all my depression in the first place. And of course if you are depressing then no strangers...
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It doesn't have to be like this

Posted 14th June 2016 at 22:59 by Alone.

I have been suspecting that I may have aspergers for some time, more so presently with the work experience and a few other stuff.

I don't appear autistic to most people I think, I appear normal but very shy and worried. However I seem to attract somewhat negative responses from those around me 9/10 times unintentionally, from people thinking that I am staring at them (and no this is not all in my mind) to having people ready to confront or tease me. I also have always found it hard...
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