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Seriously took a break from most social media and think I am going to continue to

Posted 31st October 2020 at 22:47 by amara

This week I have taken a break from most social media. I have limited my Youtube viewing, Temporarily deactivated my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and also took a break from SAUK. Limiting porn as well, it reminds me of the lack of women or people I see or interact with in real life. Since I only masturbate to porn, it makes me confused with my sexual taste. Whether it's real or porn induced?

I noticed as a result it has been easier to focus on certain things that matter...
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My experience so far of moving out

Posted 18th October 2020 at 08:37 by amara

I moved house almost a week ago to a shared flat. The price isn’t high for London but the flat is very modern. It has an induction cooker, first time using those and is a new building. It’s in North Greenwich, Greenwich peninsula. It seems like literally all the buildings there are less that 20 years old. It’s a new town.

I guess I have learnt or become aware of some things. I think by being a new town I feel that there is a lack of community and it feels really international,...
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How do you minimise envy and become comfortable with yourself?

Posted 11th June 2020 at 00:12 by amara

This question came to mind because of a few recent events.

(This was meant to be a question but changed to a blog)

My workplace has a Zoom meeting every Wednesdays. It's a casual one where we just meet up and talk to each other. Some people miss the meetings every few weeks. I missed this one and last weeks as I couldn't really be bothered to go. I called my colleague after though to say if there was any news on going back and he said no.

With the recent...
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I blocked her from my WhatsApp

Posted 25th April 2020 at 23:30 by amara

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Posted 22nd April 2020 at 22:40 by amara

Recently I joined back on facebook as the Martial Arts group I attended run classes through their group on Facebook.

It's good that classes have continued online. However there has been a dark side to joining back on Facebook, especially with other stuff going on in my life. Stuff to do with attachment, sense of self, family etc.

Facebook is a easy place to spy on former class mates. I did this and also have spied on distant family members I have never met. At times...
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