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My experience so far of moving out

Posted 18th October 2020 at 08:37 by Amara 94

I moved house almost a week ago to a shared flat. The price isn’t high for London but the flat is very modern. It has an induction cooker, first time using those and is a new building. It’s in North Greenwich, Greenwich peninsula. It seems like literally all the buildings there are less that 20 years old. It’s a new town.

I guess I have learnt or become aware of some things. I think by being a new town I feel that there is a lack of community and it feels really international, more so than where I use to live and some other parts of London. It’s like, although I haven’t spoken to anyone really, no one is really from Greenwich they’ve all moved in from around the world. Probably a lot of students and professionals. In my old area, although I wasn’t liked on the estate I felt, the whole area has more sense of community because it’s older and some people have lived there all their lives.

Before I didn’t use to understand why certain people disliked gentrification fully. Now I can. North Greenwich doesn’t seem stereotypically gentrified but I imagine gentrification brings the same loss of community feeling in neighbourhoods as the new people from outside become more than the people that have lived there so the neighbourhoods culture kind of goes away and they have to find a new culture, or rediscover a sense of community.

On the plus side I feel living independently makes me more clear minded and so it feels a bit easier to do some stuff. I don’t necessarily like sharing a house though less privacy, the room is so small as well, not as much time to cook. No heating for a few days. See, despite being a new build it isn’t necessarily better.

I think if I could get more money I would move somewhere else, even if it was a house share again. I feel my ideal house share would be with people I relate with, on some stuff. I feel it would be nice to have a keto housemate or one that has an LGBT type of view when it comes to sex and relationships. Housemates closer to my age. A current housemate questions why I have never had a girlfriend and says I’m different, not in a bad way though.

I think I have to live in different towns though to see what I like. I feel there is a lonely vibe to North Greenwich as it’s so new, literally no old building around the area I live. So there isn’t much sense of culture or community. But maybe I would feel lonely if I moved to an old established Central London neighbourhood despite having a strong community due to my anxiety?

Lately though I have wondered that maybe the countryside suits me more? I have no experience though but it seems less stimulating, less competitive which may suit my nature better. Also learning of the cholera epidemic in Victorian London, I just feel cites are somewhat unnatural. Though they figured out clean water was important, they need to build things to maintain the air and water in a city. This makes the water clean but never as clean or fresh as the countryside. Raw milk is also healthier than pasteurised milk and is said to also be easier on some lactose intolerant people. Raw milk isn’t harmful usually unless the cow or goat is unhealthy. I know pasteurised milk was a result of the industrial Revolution and the fact that it was harder to raise more urban cows healthily enough to produce healthy raw milk.

With the countryside though, I’m not sure if I would like to farm. I probably need to try out a range of places. I’m thinking I would like somewhere that is quieter though. Greenwich makes me appreciate my old neighbourhood, Wembley. However I feel where’s I lived was also holding me back.
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