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There is a problem

Posted 15th October 2016 at 01:37 by Amara 94

As some of you are aware I went for an aspergers diagnosis a few months ago and was told that I am just anxious. I don't feel I buy the psychiatrist assessment or even my local NHS when it comes to finding a good therapist to help treat my SA.

Sometimes I feel that maybe anxiety might be just the problem I struggle with. However, I also wonder why I literally feel socially blind.

At the moment I am on a programme in with about 40 other peers yet I haven't bonded with any of my peers. Rather I don't know how to make conversation with my peers and probably appear boring because of that.

Out of all the other jobs I've had I haven't bonded with any of my previous colleagues. Well I made a close friend I still speak to in one job, but that was a small environment.

It was the same with School and college I made friends that I followed around but idk if I can say I really bonded with them.

Maybe, in fact it is anxiety and a irrational, unhealthy mindset that stops me making friends. But I also feel like idk how to communicate with others in the ways I feel expected to know. And if this situation of not being able to bond with anyone in big groups has happened constantly there is a problem I am facing. Yeah, it's my fault but it's also largely based on subconscious thoughts, so is a problem that I can definitely do with help for.

Most people imho don't understand anxiety and I have gotten tired of people acting like it's not a big deal if I tell them about it. They should try walking in my shoes.

I feel anxiety deserves to be taken seriously as a disorder rather than a character weakness.
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