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Dove Grey sands

Posted 19th January 2011 at 01:09 by Drimma
Tags song post

*RECOMMENDATION: listen to this song that inspired this post first.TY.*

Dove grey sands
Seein life begin
Hear the ocean sing
It takes you back
Brings you home

I was on the bus, right at the back. Looking right at me from the front was a little girl. The bus hit a speed bump and my head bobbed about.

She smiled at this.
celebrate now
dove grey sands

I made it to my appointment on time. I told him I was in a good mood, in good spirits.

"Oh ya, thatís good yuh feeling good.
And how yah weekend gawn?"

I told him about the foodie meet, I was excited, I had a good time.

"And 'ow yuh mood been,
ya nah havin' 'em
thoughts still? Thinking negatively?"

I told him I was to preoccupied with things to even have time to think negatively. I had the meet on Saturday then a family do Sunday. And it was all fun.

it takes you back
brings you home
lead by devotion
dove grey sands

"Dem from online yah a say bout?
You meet dem in London?
And yah go ina de bar. Did you drink?"

I told him I drunk a couple of beers, it was a social event and I was in a pub itís the done thing.

"Yah know Drima,
wen a man a drink and im aa depression
ina do im nah good,
yah ce what me a say?
Alcohol gon make yah worse, ya hear
yah nah wan wagwan suh, alright?"

I told him I knew, I only drink in social events, a night cap of brandy ... not much. I told him I know my limits.

"And how yah feel today,
what yah gone do with your time?"

I told him I was feeling so social in fact that on the way to see him I'd texted a friend to see if he wanted to hang out. And as I told him this I was animated and smiling.

"Ahh yah got be careful ya?
Yah na wan go from one extreme
to the other ya? Take it slow ya,
you don't want build yah hopes up
and set goals that are too
far from yah reach ya?
Waa happen is you set goals too
high and wen ya a suffer a set
back waa happen? Ya self-esteem
gone suffer and ya depression
will come back, ya? Yah see?"

I told him I saw. I told him that without being animated. I didn't smile.

narrow days alone
pushing for the sun
don't hide away
burn to grey

"Its good yah fi look 'pon issues 'pon yaself, ya?
And yah 'ave appointmen wit
Dr. Freed on 18th ya?"

I told him yes.

"Dere's no reason fi mi
to see yah gain till then is dere?
You know how to get hold of mi if
yah 'ave any problems ya?"

I told him I did. I told him there was no reason, I'd be fine. I shook his hand and told him thanks for everything.

left without a place
lonely inner space
that you can't breathe
its the essence of a life
my life

I was walking around town to kill time. I walked through the park, it had been raining. Pigeons covered the preening themselves off. They weren't scared of me as I walked by them. They didn't fly away. In fact they walked with a quiet confidence. They darted their heads side to side to see if I saw them and they walked away swaying side to side as if mocking my walking.

I smiled at this.

live by devotion

can you hear me again
dreaming of the oceans
as the waves come in
can you hear me again

live by devotion
celebrate now
dove grey sands
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