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    welshdan91's Avatar

    The State I Am In

    Hi I know this post was a long time ago but I am 25 and can relate to everything you're saying. I stopped education at A level and never reached my potential at even those. I'm going to have a read of your other blog post now, sorry for being a pest ***55357;***56843;
    Posted 4th July 2016 at 08:37 by welshdan91 welshdan91 is offline
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    Libbyjay's Avatar

    *Deep Breath* Here it goes... :/

    I know how you feel about posting on the site after not posting for a while. I used to post a bit but now when I look, I don't recognise the names so that makes me feel like now I'm a stranger here.
    Posted 13th November 2015 at 18:41 by Libbyjay Libbyjay is offline
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    The State I Am In

    Thanks for the advice, Tiger. I know I can be too hard on myself at times. Being 26yo, I cannot help but think that time is ticking by and that i've not much to show for myself. Most people my age seem to have it all sorted and to live independent lives. Apart from getting my degree (in a arguably useless subject), i've little to be proud of.

    Here's to hoping that I can soon take action and make small steps towards my goals.
    Posted 28th November 2013 at 23:44 by Twisterella87 Twisterella87 is offline
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    hellotiger's Avatar

    The State I Am In

    sorry you're feeling so bad Twist. You're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get all the things you want but, especially when you have sa, things can only be achieved in small steps. Focus on the things that are obtainable right now and do what you can to get them. Try not to get frustrated if it doesn't happen straight away, it will if you keep trying.
    Posted 28th November 2013 at 20:53 by hellotiger hellotiger is offline

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