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And Still I Rise..... (2)

Posted 17th May 2011 at 01:09 by Drimma

Drink up Sat - Game on Sun - Crush down Mon

*South Park pseudonyms used for all characters

SAT: So we decide on a pint (oh yeah), me and two casual workmates are heading home, we have 15mins before the train arrives and the pub is only a second away. So I begin the night I how intend to continue.
We are at another pub now with Clyde, Craig and his missus Jen and I, I introduce Butters to Kenyan cuisine; Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom he likes. I'm a tad uneasy at first since Clyde, Craig and Butters each only know each other thru me - like goddayum did I just organize a night out? - but the pints flow and football talk suffices until the drink lowers our collective inhibitions. It's closing time but Clyde has a link - "There's a house party, it's close what do you guys say?"
"Is there somewhere we can get booze on the way?" I don't know who asks but they are certainly speaking for everybody.
It's not so much a party as it is a chill out sesh, the five of them have been thru bottles and bottles but they are sat down talking over music videos. We join.
"Easy Drima, I can see your enjoying yourself there" says Clyde with a wink and an elbow jibe.
I'm talking to a beautiful guest and apparently I'm flirting - I'm utterly unawares it's flirting tho we do exchange facebook's before she leaves. No I haven't contacted her since - without Dutch courage I haven't much to say. The drink has hit the system and Craig's missus wants to dance - so we dance but she is still dancing when I go to sit down. She manages to drag Craig to his feet before 5am when we leave.
My head hits my pillow at 6am - and my day has been "A" O.K.

SUN: This was the big one, the excitement sweetened more by Butters love for the Blues as they tried to spoil the party for my dear Red Devils. So to the pub it was with Tweek, Cartman and Jimmy present but not before laying a friendly fiver on my Reds and him his Blues. During the enjoyable 2-1 win where my bet made good I bumped into my old boss and had long and stuttering conversation in which he introduced me to his wife and all.
The mood was jovial after the game and save for Tweek no one else was in a rush for anything. So we grabbed some food, more booze and headed to mine to chillax - Butters and I only drinking whilst the others "spark up" until 3am.
Another day well spent I think as shelve my consciousness away for the night.

MON: I come to around midday, it is Monday, what a black day. Arrrgghh.
Just now I'm crushing again - heading on a major downer (can you see me?)- no movie night tonight.
And it hits me: why tho after a good time do I crush?
I get to thinking - and I can see it. Its cause my friends have a life - kids, wives, significant others and live in their own home and drive and have prospective careers - in essence they got their shit together. Is it the heady mixture of jealousy and envy or the inevitable consequences of binge drinking? Hmmmmmm.
I CBT the day out and I'm okay, I get to texting and so it begins anew again.
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