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My Work Review after 1 week

Posted 24th September 2015 at 18:04 by Alone.

I don't know if anyone really cares about my experience at work but I do and have decided to share it.

It's funny how ones view can shift over the span of a week. What was once the ideal job position for me presently, in my opinion, isn't so much again but I am telling myself that it is a valuable experience perhaps just so I can stick to the job. A week in and social issues have stepped into the job, similar social issues to the issues I experienced in Sixth Form College; the issues feel so big, bigger than they really are, that sometimes I feel lucky that the job is a temporary role rather than permanent.

Despite being able to focus on my job I feel the fact that I am quiet and sometimes anxious probably makes me not seem that valuable of a staff member at my store. It makes me feel that I can work as hard as I want but if I am not social or that well liked I wouldn't get anywhere. In fact there is a colleague in my department who is loud and playful, which isn't a bad thing and can be fun in certain situations, but then he doesn't seem as productive as other colleagues in our department, but as he is well liked and seems to get on with everyone in the store he seems unlikely to be told that he should do more work. Most of the colleagues in my department are alright, although I do feel anxious around the loud and outgoing colleagues as I feel expected to know how to respond to their comments and jokes.

I get the feeling that my manager and the outgoing colleague view me as boring, but then they don't really know me as I haven't opened up much at work.

The main advantage of this job over my previous job though is that so far I don't bring the job home with me mentally. This is mainly due to the type of company and job role I think. I have much less responsibility in this job, not that that is a good thing, and the company is much bigger so it doesn't feel like a job I would helplessly get stuck in. My previous job was so small that I felt that if the company became a bit more successful and bigger than it was I would be in the job helping the boss grow the company despite not wanting to.

However, although I make nearly the same income as my old job but work half the hours with a more basic job, my current job is more expensive due to having to use public transport. I have to make packed lunches to save money. Also journey time equals free time, so I have less free time than I did in my previous job on the days I work 8+ hours, luckily it isn't full time. I really don't know what my ideal job would be, this job has problems like my previous job, mostly different less mentally hard problems though. But I feel the job is like "one would use to get by" that the social aspect of the job feels like it is more important than the work itself. Maybe that is the typical retail environment, although I don't work on the shop floor. I can stick with the job, in fact most of the negative experience is because of a lack of social skills and feeling misunderstood; I can imagine the job being pleasant if I got on with colleagues and didn't feel awkward. But, that's how I feel about this current job I can stick with it, maybe for years if needed and perhaps climb the ladder :smile2:, but although this job doesn't feel as claustrophobic as my previous job it does feel a bit like a job where one is just a cog in the machine, I can understand a bit why most colleagues I have spoken to about the job always ended with "I am looking for something better though."

Obviously though those with Higher positions in the company and store get to make some influential changes to the store.

At least I have a micro amount more idea of what work environment would suit me in the near future.
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