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There is a problem

Posted 15th October 2016 at 01:37 by Alone.

As some of you are aware I went for an aspergers diagnosis a few months ago and was told that I am just anxious. I don't feel I buy the psychiatrist assessment or even my local NHS when it comes to finding a good therapist to help treat my SA.

Sometimes I feel that maybe anxiety might be just the problem I struggle with. However, I also wonder why I literally feel socially blind.

At the moment I am on a programme in with about 40 other peers yet I haven't bonded with...
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My induction to the two month program and how it went.

Posted 30th September 2016 at 16:50 by Alone.

So today I went to the induction day of the two month program that I hope to get a Tech apprenticeship out of.

I have posted about how my anxiety may ruin the experience for me and lead to me not getting an apprenticeship. After the induction day I still have the worry that that might be the outcome, my anxiety might stop me from showing my best self.

However I feel I also have the opportunity to show my best self despite suffering from anxiety and feeling socially...
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Inactivity due to Depression and Anxiety

Posted 27th September 2016 at 13:49 by indigo777

[B]Inactivity: A vicious cycle can develop in which you feel depressed, and then become less active (you don’t feel like doing anything). The less active you are, the more depressed you feel. If you’re having difficulty breaking out of this cycle, write out a daily schedule by the hour or even half-hour of what you will do when, and then stick to it. This will seem very difficult at first, but it’s enormously useful. Schedule a few walks around the neighbourhood or a nearby park. Exercise...
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My SA is a negative self fulfilling prophecy

Posted 25th September 2016 at 21:58 by Alone.

Imagine having no idea of how to react when someone looks at you. Not being certain on how to respond to certain situations that involve random interaction. Not knowing how to do humourous small talk. Getting weird or negative looks from other people for accidentally staring too long or not giving off the expected body language. Being criticised for coming off in a way not expected in social situations.

[I]Well I suppose some SA people don't have to imagine this as they have experienced...
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Done my final day at this Warehouse job

Posted 23rd September 2016 at 22:34 by Alone.

I feel glad that I have done my final day at this warehouse job, the worst job decision I've made so far. I also can't wait for this program I have been accepted to and hope that I secure an apprenticeship out of it.

Funnily enough my fellow apprentices didn't turn up to work today. I was complimented by one manager and a few colleagues for working hard. I don't believe I have done the best I could or been the perfect worker in this job but the environment is very casual and every...
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