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In The Mood

Posted 23rd January 2015 at 13:21 by indigo777

[B][I]Getting hard to believe in anything at all
But Fear.[/I][/B]

I have started to take some pills called 5 HTP. They came from America and took 10 weeks to arrive which makes them sound dodgy. They are supposed to improve moods and have some good reviews although after 4 days I have noticed nothing so far. Perhaps you need to take 10 a day instead of one but they advised you to start slowly and build up so I'll wait and see. Some days my moods could be appallingly bad, so much so that I would like to hide under a rock and die. Yet other times I would notice such a marked improvement that it makes me think that perhaps itís not just a loopy brain that has caused me to feel this way. Its sounds too obvious to be true but proper sleep; less alcohol and a more healthy diet may be the best thing. However getting proper sleep has been quite a problem for the last few years. As well as bad dreams and high anxiety due to noise intolerance I also have a dust allergy and regularly wake up sneezing and canít get back to sleep again. I think that the state of my mind can still be changed for the better without socialising though. There are a certain number of Youtube videos with relaxation techniques and ideas that have proved quite beneficial so far.

Changing your mind set and way of thinking about life in general may be just as important as learning social skills and not being shy. My biggest problem is after so many years of negativity and failure which has scarred my brain making it much harder to believe or be positive any more or still have any hope. Itís already far too late for a normal life now but even some contentment before its all over would still be a victory of sorts.
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