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A few confessions of a Socially Anxious male

Posted 15th September 2018 at 23:27 by Amara 94

So I live in a council estate. I grew up there but never played outside. As a result, mixed with bullying growing up, I am scared or anxious of certain people on the estate and avoid certain areas.

Recently though I have began challenging my fear, since rationally it is an irrational one. Today I walked past a group of male youths who hang around in a corner of the estate. They look intimidating, like roadmen, but they can't be that bad. I got the feeling that they spoke about me...
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A New Chapter + things I learnt from my colleagues.

Posted 9th September 2018 at 04:16 by Amara 94

I left my job last Thursday to go to induction day at my new college where I will be studying an Access course in Social Science.

I learnt a lot from my uni dorm housekeeping job. Not that much when it comes to the job, but a fair bit about people. I didn't make many friends there but did make a fantastic one I will call my aunt.

My aunt was the opposite from me loud, happy, funny, assertive, relaxed and very good at reading and getting on with people. She wasn't afraid...
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You can't please everyone

Posted 14th July 2018 at 16:51 by Amara 94

So at work I thought I had made good friends with this person who is the complete opposite to me. I really liked her and when we first got on, she helped my confidence a bit as it seemed like she noticed me, was interested in my well being and didn't judge me for being in a bad mood as most people do. She also use to tell me that she would invite me to her house and that I am like her nephew.

Fast forward to this week and it's like she never eats lunch with me again. I have noticed...
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Self Acceptance

Posted 11th June 2018 at 23:42 by Amara 94

Over the weekend, Saturday, I felt depressed and down on how it seems like I can't connect with people and how it had seemed that way as a kid. I was thinking I must be autistic or something. The thought was so strong in my mind that I felt I had to let a colleague that I am comfortable with know.

I thought the message was weird I pointed out how I think I may have autism but also asked how her day was and that I would not send "depressing"posts again. After I thought,...
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Identity Crisis + I feel that I may be autistic.

Posted 9th June 2018 at 00:24 by Amara 94

I have suspected that I may be autistic before and even seeked referal for it through the NHS but have been denied referal twice.

I think this time I am going to research autism more and provide a summary of why I suspect that I may be autistic.

I feel my workplace is causing me an identity crisis. It's an environment where extroversion is respected. I seem to actually like some outgoing colleagues, however I also envy how some literally seem like people magnets when...
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