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My first week of my new job

Posted 4th September 2016 at 00:42 by amara

This week I started a new job as a Warehouse Associate Apprentice. I can already say that I don't like the job.

But at the same time I feel that some of my reasoning to not liking the job are reasons I wouldn't like most other minimum wage jobs. They are reasons I have not liked some previous jobs so it feels that it would be a bit silly of me to not look at what makes me dislike the job and why I dislike it.

I don't really like the environment.

The job is very simple but exhausting. There can be periods when there isn't much to do and it's quite unstructured, reminds me of a School playground. I find it hard to small talk and just relax with nothing to do at work so I don't like it.

Also what I'm about to say probably sounds bad, but as the work is simple it seems to have a lot of immigrants and people who didn't do well in School and were probably the ones that bullied the nerds. Probably explains the macho and casual culture. The people aren't bad but I feel it's far from the environment or colleagues I would be comfortable with. But tbh, to be successful I have to learn to be comfortable with more groups of people.

I feel that due to anxiety I am not taken seriously at work. Some of the other apprentices already seem uninterested in speaking to me due to anxiety.

I know that my problems aren't unique to the workplace and that by just changing jobs I wouldn't escape these issues. Whilst I could probably go in a better suited environment where I feel that I could relate to my colleagues more, I know I would still face similar problems of not feeling I'm being taken seriously and social issues.

So if I am looking for a new new job I need to consider the fact that some of the problems I'm trying to run away from will most likely follow me.

I know though that I probably would prefer office work, or a more highly skilled job, to this current job though.
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